May 4 , 2023 /


I search around in this muddled mind of mine, looking for some thoughts or an experience that might work for another blog.  My goal, more or less, is to post a new blog about once a week. I don’t have the discipline to do it every Friday morning or some other specific time like some

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December 24 , 2022 /


As we change seasons, travel from one time zone to another, move from one place to another there is a noticeable shift in our attitude, outlook and response.  When we move from the familiar to the unfamiliar, there is a period of adjustment of adaptation and becoming comfortable with the change.   Change is easier

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July 8 , 2022 /


GUEST POST from Rashmir written a few days before Boris’ bye-bye.  My good friend, Rashmir, has brilliant insights about many things and I believe she shows a deep understanding of our human condition, thus I am grateful she has given me the opportunity to share her recent newsletter with all of you. The boldface type

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June 25 , 2022 /


  noun: repression the action of subduing someone or something by force. the restraint, prevention, or inhibition of a feeling, quality, etc. quashing subduing crushing squashing stamping out squelching oppression subjugation domination tyranny subjection despotism dictatorship authoritarianism censorship   Opposite: freedom, liberty   That is a fair summary of what happened with the SCOTUS decision

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April 1 , 2022 /


This post is about COACHING, not the basketball kind, although it is the end of March and the end to the march to the Final Four.  The title is a double entendre and I am using the analogy to illustrate some similarities.   I filled out my bracket and picked the Final Four who will

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February 3 , 2022 /


While I was walking one morning recently, meditating while walking, highly recommended by the late Thich Nhat Hanh, I recalled several times in my life when I stepped into a new experience without knowing what the outcome might be. I was leaving the old and familiar behind and setting off on a new path, a

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