September 27 , 2022 /


Luis Hernandez looked at a broken gate he had fixed for us and said, “There, now it’s more better.” While that may seem redundant or grammatically incorrect, I grew to like “more better” as I believed it summed up what we need on many fronts, “more better.”  I am indebted to Luis for this insight

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September 20 , 2022 /


Life is about the seasons of change, internal and external, and how we adjust our rhythms and find ourselves in balance or not.  Equinox is when the amount of night and day are approximately the same, about 12 hours each, all over the world.  For us in the northern hemisphere, it marks the official end

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September 13 , 2022 /


Two friends in British Columbia and I, in Arizona, share information, links to some amazing, creative projects, and some whimsy in the form of poems and stories.  Not long ago, one of them posted the following 3 lines of poetry:   “Oh, to read what he has read regarding red…o”   I pondered the words

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August 22 , 2022 /


Consider that we have a pressing need for clarity.   I was reminded of this in 2016 with the election of TFG and the failure to see clearly what was happening.   It was “The Emperor’s New Clothes” all over the place and for whatever reasons, besides money, power and greed, those in responsible positions seemed unwilling

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August 11 , 2022 /


After 8 weeks out of the country, albeit just north of the border in 6 of 10 Canadian provinces, I find myself reluctant to return to the USA tomorrow.  There are numerous reasons but the main one is the continuing division and polarization in the political arena and the toxic fallout from so much flak

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July 27 , 2022 /


Want to have a different kind of day?  Try these 8 steps for a dose of daily different.   Start when you wake up (without an alarm if possible) with 5 minutes of quiet meditation.  Do not think about what you have to do.  Do nothing except embrace the silence.   Spend the next few

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