October 12 , 2019 /


We hear or read about how to have a more meaningful life, one that is more satisfying, more fulfilling, more successful, happier or whatever.  If we feel like we’re missing something that we have yet to achieve, what is it?  We need to give it a name and if it’s merely a sense of restlessness

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October 10 , 2019 /


I watched some trees, swaying back and forth in the wind, and these thoughts came to me while I watched the wind move the trees. Work with the forces that seek to move you. Adapt and adjust so that you do not break because you are too rigid. Be flexible and move in several different

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October 4 , 2019 /


I turn left off Highway #64, 75 miles north of Santa Fe onto Forest Road 151.  13 miles ahead, at the end of a single-lane, dirt road, lay my destination, a Benedictine monastery where I will spend the next three days, reading, writing, reflecting, meditating, walking and enjoying the surrounding desert landscape bordered by magnificent

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September 28 , 2019 /


One of the first questions most often asked when meeting someone new is an attempt to identify the person by his or her job.  One of my favorite stories is about Reuel Howe, a professor of theology and author, who was met with this question by his seat mate on an airplane.  “So, what do

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September 19 , 2019 /


As an 82-year-old, I have a perspective on living conditions then and now because how I lived then is different from how I live now. I appreciate the differences. Then there were no digital devices on which to rely for communication, storage or photos, etc. Now there is a plethora of computers, chips and bytes,

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August 31 , 2019 /


Every day we have this privilege to decide how we will spend or invest it, how we will give ourselves over to it through time, energy, effort, thought, feelings and perhaps most visible of all, behavior.  For starters, do you consider this day a privilege or a gift or is it more of a job

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