March 20 , 2023 /


I am indebted to Tina Welling and “Writing Wild: Forming a Creative Partnership With Nature” for inspiring this piece, celebrating the official arrival of Spring, 2023.   One of my favorite walks is along the Anza Trail, not far from our house in southern Arizona.This historical trail has its origins in Alamos, Mexico on October

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March 7 , 2023 /


In 1998, at the Santa Fe Indian Art Market, I met Ernest Honanie, a Hopi wood carver/artist from Second Mesa, AZ.   Ernest is from Kykotsmovi, one of several villages there.  I purchased a Katchin Mana (Yellow Corn Maiden) and since 1998 and several moves she has suffered a bit of damage and needs a little

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March 4 , 2023 /


We would do well to be clear about five or six things which means seeing them as they are and as they are documented by reliable, honest, and smart people.  It may not be what you would like to believe.  It may not be what you think you hear or what you see written by

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February 20 , 2023 /


I wrote much of this post about 5 years ago and was reminded of it recently by one of my subscribers who remembered it.  I forgot to ask what was it that caught the attention of the reader.  Regardless, here it is with some editing, revising and updating. I have long been passionate about teaching

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January 30 , 2023 /


Thousands of years of wisdom literature have used the techniques of oral storytelling that was then disseminated in written form.  The collections include the wisdom literature from Sumeria and Babylonia, among the most ancient in the world, with the Sumerian documents dating back to the third millennium BC and and the Babylonian dating to the

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January 13 , 2023 /


There are numerous systems in the U.S. that were designed to serve people according to their needs.  Many of these systems have been overloaded, stretched beyond reasonable expectations and are dysfunctional to the point of being, for many consumers, a negative experience.  The three that I will mention are among those where many of us

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