October 14 , 2018 /


I received the following article in my email inbox this morning: http://archive.aweber.com/awlist5092292/G0P1V/h/Deep_Thoughts_from_H_l_ne_My.htm Here is part of my response:  What a terrific experience!  I believe most people avoid the topic of death out of simple fear. Years ago I was impressed by a couple of books, The American Way of Death and The High Cost of Dying.  And, like

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September 7 , 2018 /


There has been a lot said recently about someone going off the rails.  We know generally what that means in terms of losing direction, being disabled from further progress.  What happens when we’re the ones who have either lost traction or direction or even purpose?  What then? Most of us have had some kind of

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August 19 , 2018 /


The phrase “build a better mousetrap” turned into a metaphor about the power of innovation and is frequently taken literally, with more than 4,400 patents issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office for new mousetraps, with thousands more unsuccessful applicants, making them the “most frequently invented device in U.S. history.” Five “better mousetrap” books

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August 15 , 2018 /


Monday morning I boarded a train (BART) to ride from Pleasanton CA to the Oakland Airport, just five stops before getting off and onto the two-car shuttle to the airport.   As the train filled with people, I mean really filled, within the 15 minutes before leaving, I found myself looking down at the floor and

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August 5 , 2018 /


BACK TO SCHOOL Why do we say that you are going “back” to school? We know generally that it means returning, often to something familiar, going “back” somewhere and that is certainly one of the meanings when using the word “back” as an adverb. However, it also implies a past condition or situation. However, if

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August 1 , 2018 /


Most teachers, many parents and some students are aware of the three-legged stool concept and practice in schools.  The three legs are teacher, parents & student.  The teacher represents the school, the parents represent themselves and their child and the student can hopefully represent himself or herself to the extent possible.  Too much practice in

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