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I have been thinking a lot lately, along with some other folks, why I write, what I write about, what my intentions are and what, if any, difference it makes.  I hear back from some readers and subscribers enough that reinforces my continuing to take the time and make the effort to pen something at least once a week to put up here and elsewhere and see what happens as a result.  This writing exercise and and practice, like others, including 3 pages from Julia Cameron, are experiments to see what I can learn and perhaps to hear from others about what they might have gleaned from what I write. That’s one reason I value your comments and feedback.


When I started here on Substack, I racked my brain (interesting phrase) to come up with a name that fits me and what I write, especially who I am now, where I am and given where I’ve been and what I’ve done. Thus, “Both Sides Now” which I posted on February 25.  I am not suggesting you go back and read it although it’s there for those who might be interested in how I came up with the name.


Another topic I have written about frequently has to do with those experiences and people that influenced me over many years of learning, growing and changing. That process continues now, even at this later stage of living fully.  I have been fortunate to have had some wonderful mentors, people whose lives I admire for who they are, how they lived, and died, and a few are still around.  I think one of the things that comes to the top in almost all of those people is how they served others in their chosen fields and in their daily lives. That began with my parents and has been a theme in my own work and life for over 65 years.


I put some of those highlights down on paper in “Seven Decades: A Learning Memoir” (River House Press, 2013). That was then and now there has been another decade of more learning and more changes. Some of us thrive on change, Others, not so much.  My brother has lived in the same house for over 50 years in the same town where we both grew up. It’s a little embarrassing to confess that since I was 21, I/we have moved over 26 times and have lived in 9 different states and two foreign countries. Small wonder that some of our kids think we’re a little off balance.  We reassure them we’re doing fine, thank you.


So we write, you and I, subscribing and following, reading and responding, either quietly or in writing, giving voice to thoughts and reflections, finding meaning and purpose in what we’re about.  What I have discovered lately is I can only absorb so much and have to let some go that I actually like but have not moved to the top of my short list.  Short?  Nor really. I try to keep tabs on about 25 people regularly, a few here and some elsewhere.  Time is a precious gift and I have some books to read too.  Reading, writing, walking, eating,  drinking, sharing, connecting, practicing self-care and loving others.  It’s how we spend our days, thus how we spend our lives. We are fortunate and grateful.


Here’s the clincher.  When I started writing this piece, I was thinking about something else and put it aside while this emerged and here it is.  The something else can wait until another time.


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