July 29 , 2022 /


I had planned to keep two separate blogs, one continuing on various topics that I have had running along since 2011 and a more recent one dedicated specificially to travel.  That is not working as I had intended so I am abandoning the separate travel blog and will post those here along with others.  For

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May 25 , 2022 /


When I was 75 I wrote a little book, “Seven Decades: A Learning Memoir” about significant learning experiences that had an impact on me and helped shape me into who I am. The book covered each decade from the 1940’s through the first decade of the 21st century.  The book ended with 2010. Now another

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December 29 , 2021 /


I am a son, a grandson, a brother, a husband, a father, a cousin, an uncle, a brother-in-law, son-in-law and a grandfather. I have been or I am a student, a pastor, a psychologist, a psychotherapist, a professor, an instructor, a teacher, a department head, a coach, a principal, a head of school, a trustee,

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October 3 , 2021 /


October 10 , 2011 /   (Note the date, 10 years ago. My how time flies!) Here is an interesting phrase, “taking time off” because time is never off.  Like it says in the old ads for Timex, it just keeps on ticking and one day, we will run out of time, or walk out, or

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September 29 , 2021 /


What did 70 years of learning help me “to understand and to appreciate, to celebrate and enjoy and to use most readily in my life and in my work? I learned that most of all, life is about who I am, not simply what I do. I learned that there is an important distinction between

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September 15 , 2021 /


Like many of you, I am weary of harsh rhetoric. I try to understand the sources, the motivation, the intentions.  The words and language which aim to discredit others, to refute evidence, to attack that which is genuine and credible reveal people who are either misinformed, misled, or sadly mistaken.  Some of the mistakes are

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