October 26 , 2020 /


Several conversations this past week have centered around the notion of our better selves, how we see ourselves and whether or not we are interested in evolving to a better version of who we are.  What I believe about that is probably for me the most important piece as it will determine how I choose

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October 10 , 2020 /


Although it’s Fall here in the northern hemisphere and the deciduous tree leaves change color and fall off in preparation for new growth, this is not about a favorite season.  There may however, be some similarities and I will trust you will be able to see what those are between the shedding of leaves and

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September 28 , 2020 /


UNCERTAINTY At the beginning of this week, I was struck by the relevance of this question: “How do you adjust to an ever-changing situation where the ‘new normal’ is indefinite uncertainty?” From my perspective, there is nothing unusual with an “ever-changing situation” nor with “indefinite uncertainty.”  They are both part of the what we face

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August 8 , 2020 /


Those of us limited to the English language have this word, love, which gets used for loving everything from ourselves to another person, to our families, to our dogs and cats and horses, to our cars and other material things, to the essence of nature itself.  And then there’s the religious dimension expressed in various

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July 30 , 2020 /


She walks through the room where I am working and says, “I just wrote a piece about you.”  I got sidetracked and told her a story about hearing the pseudonyms of David Dennison and Peggy Peterson for Donald Trump and an alleged paternity case.  As a young kid my parents shared cartoon characters named Denny

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July 17 , 2020 /


Summarizing 5 weeks and 4,200 miles without too many details and yet enough to perhaps be interesting or tempting to other campers, travelers, and road trippers is a challenging self-assignment. A log of departures, destinations, and mileage appears at the bottom of this piece.  The original trip was intended to be 6 weeks and include

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