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noun: repression

  1. the action of subduing someone or something by force.
  2. the restraint, prevention, or inhibition of a feeling, quality, etc.





stamping out












Opposite: freedom, liberty


That is a fair summary of what happened with the SCOTUS decision and why thoughtful, concerned, compassionate people need to take the necessary steps to insure “freedom and liberty” going forward.


Words are not sufficient although they are important for communication and conversations.  What is more important are the actions needed to encounter and overcome repression. 


It seems like the 1960’s before the Civil Rights Act, before the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy and Dr. King, before the end of the Viet Nam war and before Roe vs. Wade. This is 2022. We hoped that by now we would have made sufficient progress to move away from the kind of hate and rancor that separated and divided people according to their beliefs.


Then, after years out of public view, forces emerged in 2016 to elect a despotic, dystopic, demagogue and, in my not so humble opinion, we have gone backwards the past six years. Elected officials put party over country and the insurrection on January 6, 2021, was a compelling demonstration of the fragile and precious condition of the American experiment in Democracy.


So here we go again, more outrage and protests, more division and polarization and how will it be resolved this time?  “We the people…” need to speak up, step up and do what needs to be done to insure a peaceful resolution. If we don’t there is likely to be more violence by those who prefer revolution over restitution.


Elections have consequences.  Both the mid-terms and 2024 are critical in terms of what will and will not happen next.  Whether you’re thrilled or terrified about what happened this week will determine what you do next. For now, you have that choice.  There are lessons and examples in history where that choice went away.  The fifteen synonyms for repression in the list at the top may spark sufficient concern for those who want to change the direction we seem to be heading.


As if uncertainty hasn’t caused enough stress for the past two years with the pandemic, we are now living on the edge of increasing economic stress that we can add to the political landscape.

Not a pretty picture over all and yet, the fuel of the human spirit among people of good will has the capacity to turn things in a different direction.


Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead.

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