January 16 , 2020 /


Here is a quote from Anne Lamott on Wednesday, January 15, that inspired this blog: “You can’t say that things will be fine down the road, because that holds the spiritual authority of someone chirping ‘No worries!’ at Starbucks, or my favorite, ‘It’s all good!’ at the market. It’s *so* not all good. And I’m

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January 6 , 2020 /


I’ve wrestled with the notion of “mindset” at least since 2006 when Carol Dweck published Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, February 28, 2006 I would rather have “mind flow” fast or slow, and not have it either fixed, or open,as Dweck suggests.  I understand open is preferred over fixed, especially if you want to

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December 27 , 2019 /


Spent time searching for my word for 2020 and wrote a blog about a conscious search: garygruber.com/searching-for-a-word Thought about other possibilities including words from the dimension of faith – hope, belief, and one with special appeal, grace. Considered what I believe we need more of for 2020: unity, empathy, collaboration. After days, three weeks of

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December 12 , 2019 /


So, I am standing next to the bananas, divided into two groups, organic and not. I wonder about the real difference besides the label and ten cents per pound in price.   A woman is standing a little to the left of the organic, which I always get, and I reached past her to grab a

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November 21 , 2019 /


I saw this phrase recently which struck me at the time and then stayed with me. That caused me to think more about it, so here a few of those thoughts: “… a harsh collision with reality.”   I wondered how we can see things as they are without altering the perception according to ill-informed opinions

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November 18 , 2019 /


Seven days, twenty-four hours. That is 168 hours.  That’s what each of us has every week to use as we choose, and for many, there are others who have provided a “schedule” already filled in, at least partially. When I accepted a one-year contract to be head/CEO of a school in a year of leadership

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