September 9 , 2021 /


The stark and gross numbers of reported deaths from Covid19 and its variants in the U.S. are now around 653,000. (September 9, 2021). Those people were connected to a family, they had a name, celebrated birthdays and anniversaries and lived in a community where they were known by friends and neighbors.  Their deaths were a

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August 17 , 2021 /


A number of exchanges in recent weeks have centered around the notion of our better selves, how we see ourselves and whether or not we are interested in evolving to a better version of who we are.  What I believe is the most important piece as that will determine why and how I choose to

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August 12 , 2021 /


On Wednesday, January 21, 2015,  Dr. Michael Davidson, a 44 year-old, outstanding, visionary surgeon in Boston, was shot and killed by a deranged man who was upset by his mother’s death.  As you might guess, he then turned the gun on himself.  I thought of the surgeon’s wife, pregnant with their fourth child and their

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June 24 , 2021 /


Those of you who read my blog regularly will recognize much of this as I’ve shared many of these thoughts and experiences previously here.  And I summarized my first 70 years in the 2013 publication, “Seven Decades: A Learning Memoir.” Starting my 85th year and able to function physically, mentally, emotionally and socially at reasonable

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May 17 , 2021 /


How often do you get a notice that a piece of software or an application needs to be “updated” and “downloaded” to be sure that you have the latest and greatest whatever?   It seems to me that it’s a weekly task like filling the gas tank or going to the grocery.  It cleans up the

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May 13 , 2021 /


Or is it time to travel?  I prefer the double entendre of it’s time to travel and having the time to travel, both of which are true for us.  We love to travel as anyone who knows us, knows well.  Our first trip together, some 25 years ago, was to Canyon de Chelly in AZ,

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