March 20 , 2023 /


I am indebted to Tina Welling and “Writing Wild: Forming a Creative Partnership With Nature” for inspiring this piece, celebrating the official arrival of Spring, 2023.   One of my favorite walks is along the Anza Trail, not far from our house in southern Arizona.This historical trail has its origins in Alamos, Mexico on October

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March 14 , 2023 /


Most of us are familiar with R & R, Rest and Relaxation.  That has been my preferred mode for the past five days and will continue for the next 2-3 days following the implant of a new, a  third, mitral valve clip.  For the uninitiated, that’s a cardiology procedure to stem the regurgitation, a heart

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February 28 , 2023 /


“We live in the interstices.  One thing ends, another begins.  A season ends and a season begins.  A day ends and a new day begins.  A job ends and a better job begins. A relationship ends, another begins.  A life ends, other lives begin.   We mark time by endings and beginnings – birthdays, anniversaries,

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January 30 , 2023 /


Thousands of years of wisdom literature have used the techniques of oral storytelling that was then disseminated in written form.  The collections include the wisdom literature from Sumeria and Babylonia, among the most ancient in the world, with the Sumerian documents dating back to the third millennium BC and and the Babylonian dating to the

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January 27 , 2023 /


My Dad died from a sudden cardiac arrest in 1979 at the age of 67. That was 44 years ago. I was 42. I knew then I was in the gene pool for heart issues.  My paternal grandmother also had heart problems and died at age 64, in 1952.   My younger brother by 4 years,

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January 1 , 2023 /


NEW A new year, a new day and a new week, so why not a new blog?  Having finished the 30-day experiment, it seems a good time for a review and a reboot.  Many of us are glad to say good-bye to 2022 and take this blank canvas for 2023 as a gift and see

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