August 17 , 2021 /


A number of exchanges in recent weeks have centered around the notion of our better selves, how we see ourselves and whether or not we are interested in evolving to a better version of who we are.  What I believe is the most important piece as that will determine why and how I choose to

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July 31 , 2021 /


Ten days on the road since the last “Road Report” seems like a long time, partly because we’ve covered so many miles, seen so many different places and have changed our original plans.  We have continued our preference for back roads over the Interstate Highway system. Less traffic, better scenery and low stress. Changing timetables

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July 21 , 2021 /


Arrived in Bangor, Maine on Wednesday, July 14, and had the RV serviced on Thursday at the Mercedes dealer (oil and filters changed, tires rotated) as it’s been 10,000 miles since the last service, around March 25.  Spent 3 days near Bangor in Holden, Maine, and moved on Saturday to Bucksport at the head of

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July 14 , 2021 /


Heading to the northeast corner of Ohio, close to Lake Erie, we stopped for two nights at Pymantuning KOA near Andover, Ohio.  Lots of rain. Features along the road included numerous Amish buggies and horses and one three horse hitch which we do not remember seeing on roads in the past.  We have seen as

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June 14 , 2021 /


Contrasts and Comparisons Being planted in one place to absorb the surroundings versus traveling to get to another place – day and night.  While being on the road is a very different experience from parked or camped in one spot, we find ways to make the motion forward at 70 mph engaging.  These include listening

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June 7 , 2021 /


On the road again, having departed home in Tubac, AZ, Wednesday, June 2, and 4 days and 1,100 miles later  we’re south of Jackson, Wyoming on the Snake River.  We are traveling via our Leisure Travel Van RV, camping with amenities, as we say.  Those of you who know the open spaces of the West

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