April 13 , 2023 /


I received a message recently from someone with whom I have connected and communicated infrequently over several decades and I did not remember ever meeting him.  He did and he sent me a note which is in the next paragraph.  It shows that you never know what impact you might have on someone by what

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February 20 , 2023 /


I wrote much of this post about 5 years ago and was reminded of it recently by one of my subscribers who remembered it.  I forgot to ask what was it that caught the attention of the reader.  Regardless, here it is with some editing, revising and updating. I have long been passionate about teaching

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August 16 , 2022 /


It is that time of year again where millions of K-12 students and over 3 million teachers head to school.  Not back, forward.   Remember that you were once sitting where your students are and it may be at least partly because of that experience that you are where you are today as educators. What

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July 11 , 2022 /


Some years ago I posed a question about what people were curious about and here are the responses of seven people with these questions and musings.  I commend them to you in the interest of your own curiosity.    CS Why do I (and many others as we get older) wake up at 3 am?

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June 6 , 2022 /


Last week, Dan Rather, in his weekly post to his Substack community said this: “…despite all of this dysfunction, education remains one of our greatest hopes. Teachers heroically forge onward despite the challenges — inspiring young minds, percolating new ideas, and fostering energy for a better and more just nation.” At the end of another

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May 10 , 2022 /


Years ago I wondered how INTEL got its name thinking it might have had something to do with intelligence, you know, computers as smart machines. Only partly right. Intel Corporation was founded on July 18, 1968 by semiconductor pioneers Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, and widely associated with the executive leadership and vision of Andy

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