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What follows is a look from 30,000’ and a close up look to see how this affects individuals.  Then it’s how the individuals form a collective that in turn affects the bigger picture, back and forth “from both sides now.”  After a 60-year career in a variety of settings helping people to learn, grow and

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April 13 , 2023 /


I received a message recently from someone with whom I have connected and communicated infrequently over several decades and I did not remember ever meeting him.  He did and he sent me a note which is in the next paragraph.  It shows that you never know what impact you might have on someone by what

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February 20 , 2023 /


I wrote much of this post about 5 years ago and was reminded of it recently by one of my subscribers who remembered it.  I forgot to ask what was it that caught the attention of the reader.  Regardless, here it is with some editing, revising and updating. I have long been passionate about teaching

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February 8 , 2023 /


This is a follow on via a brief exchange between Kumud Ajmani and me in the comment section of this previous blog post: https://garygruber.com/racism-update/ AjmaniK on 2/4/23 Reply I remember Rodney King. I was getting ready to graduate from Grad school in VA when that happened. It was perhaps my first real ‘face to face’

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February 2 , 2023 /


(Note: Some parts of this article were published previously. Repeating those for emphasis and adding a few updates.) The history of the United States is black, brown, olive, red and white. That is in alphabetic order of color.  We are not color blind and white people have suppressed and oppressed people of color for centuries.

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January 30 , 2023 /


Thousands of years of wisdom literature have used the techniques of oral storytelling that was then disseminated in written form.  The collections include the wisdom literature from Sumeria and Babylonia, among the most ancient in the world, with the Sumerian documents dating back to the third millennium BC and and the Babylonian dating to the

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