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Some years ago I posed a question about what people were curious about and here are the responses of seven people with these questions and musings.  I commend them to you in the interest of your own curiosity. 



Why do I (and many others as we get older) wake up at 3 am?


Will we ever find other intelligent life in the universe?


What makes some people so darned funny and charismatic? (I have one of THOSE children)



  1. Why people don’t get that they are responsible for their own health


  1. Why people (including me) make the same mistakes over and over again


  1. Why certain cultures don’t respect other humans


  1. Why you don’t turn the heat up full when you boil water (aime at me)


  1. What compelled the soldiers of WWII to be so patriotic and single minded


  1. Why Apple trashed mobile me.



What would it take for public schools to see that identifying and teaching dyslexic kids reading in grades 2-5 would save millions in prison and other “failure costs”.


Would a strong community service program in elementary grades decrease bullying and violence in middle and high school?



I have often wondered how much your individual CULTURAL (or maybe social) background influences your interests or curiosities….


growing up in a small town vs growing up in a large city…


growing up in a very religious family vs a non-religious family…


growing up in a home-schooled family vs attending public schools vs attending a private school…etc.



Are humans capable of living peacefully?


Does God exist, or is it a human construct?


Will humans become cooperative enough to survive on this planet in a sustainable way?


Is there meaning in Literature or do the postmodernists have it right?



How do we cultivate curiosity in our children and in ourselves?

I am curious about the true meaning of citizenship in the 21st century (sans hype or yellow press) and the enormous challenge of developing resilient and responsive human beings.

I am curious about stewardship and leadership and the partnership of public and private education.

I wonder about connecting travel, study abroad and cross-cultural activity (including second language learning) in a spiral curriculum that seeks to impart global mindedness to young adults.

What would we call it?



Why do we not seem to be able to learn the lessons from the past so as not to make the same errors again and again?


What would help more people to think critically and not merely accept something that someone else said without questioning whether or not it’s true?


Are we making progress as a species?





“Curiosity may have killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.”


Please share your thoughts and opinions