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Spent time searching for my word for 2020 and wrote a blog about a conscious search:

Thought about other possibilities including words from the dimension of faithhope, belief, and one with special appeal, grace.

Considered what I believe we need more of for 2020: unity, empathy, collaboration.

After days, three weeks of musing and deliberations with myself and a few others, my word for 2020 came to me. It was not a sudden epiphany. The word emerged slowly and ever so clearly.

The word is “how we spend our days…how we spend our lives. What we do with this hour and that one is what we are doing.”  Annie Dillard “The Writing Life”

My word for 2020 is TIME.


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  1. It’s perfect. Sometimes what we need is to give ourselves time for our word, thoughts, ideas and actions to take form and emerge. Can’t wait to see how TIME guides you this year and grateful you’ll be sharing your ahas with us, your readers.



  2. Thanks, Alli. I am eager to see what emerges in due course this coming year and after numerous considerations, TIME won out over many other possibilities. For now, I am working on today! Looking forward to sharing more, later. Blessings to you and your family in the days, weeks, months and new year ahead.

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