March 2 , 2020 /


When we moved to the River House in Abiquiu, New Mexico, in 2005, we found ourselves with a wonderful house on the banks of the Chama River which we remodeled completely. It was about a mile south of the village and Georgia O’Keefe’s studio.  When we surveyed the entire property I thought we needed a

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February 12 , 2020 /


No one said it would be easy and a number of people have made various suggestions, many of which ended up with tweaks around the edges. Much about the system, the delivery and the environments remain too much the same and are not engaging the majority of students in meaningful learning experiences.   Part of the

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February 3 , 2020 /


Passing by 80 seems to be a milestone of some kind or other for many of us.  It may be the realization of where we are on the continuum, how we regard a life that has blessed us with wonderful relationships, opportunities and choices.  Here are a few observations and experiences that have emerged, along

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January 21 , 2020 /

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way

The bumper sticker message is clear. It does not ask a question. It’s in the imperative and requires a choice or a response. You may or may not choose to lead. You may or may not choose to follow the leader. If you wish to be neither a leader nor a follower then the message

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January 16 , 2020 /


Here is a quote from Anne Lamott on Wednesday, January 15, that inspired this blog: “You can’t say that things will be fine down the road, because that holds the spiritual authority of someone chirping ‘No worries!’ at Starbucks, or my favorite, ‘It’s all good!’ at the market. It’s *so* not all good. And I’m

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January 10 , 2020 /


Carla Silver, a friend and colleague, Executive Director of Leadership and Design, ( chose her #OneWord2020 and it is BUILD. While it may not come as a great surprise to those who know Carla and her team’s work at L+D, that word BUILD connected with my #OneWord2020 TIME in ways I had not imagined. One

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