January 6 , 2020 /


I’ve wrestled with the notion of “mindset” at least since 2006 when Carol Dweck published Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, February 28, 2006 I would rather have “mind flow” fast or slow, and not have it either fixed, or open,as Dweck suggests.  I understand open is preferred over fixed, especially if you want to

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December 27 , 2019 /


Spent time searching for my word for 2020 and wrote a blog about a conscious search: garygruber.com/searching-for-a-word Thought about other possibilities including words from the dimension of faith – hope, belief, and one with special appeal, grace. Considered what I believe we need more of for 2020: unity, empathy, collaboration. After days, three weeks of

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November 21 , 2019 /


I saw this phrase recently which struck me at the time and then stayed with me. That caused me to think more about it, so here a few of those thoughts: “… a harsh collision with reality.”   I wondered how we can see things as they are without altering the perception according to ill-informed opinions

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November 18 , 2019 /


Seven days, twenty-four hours. That is 168 hours.  That’s what each of us has every week to use as we choose, and for many, there are others who have provided a “schedule” already filled in, at least partially. When I accepted a one-year contract to be head/CEO of a school in a year of leadership

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November 10 , 2019 /


I was “inspired” by a Sunday morning #SpiritChat on Twitter (October 6, 2019), “The Transformative Energy of Words.”  When the chat ended, this idea for a blog popped into my mind. Of all the topics that have been the focus of these chats for the past several years, few have resonated with me more than

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November 2 , 2019 /


Missing the exit, the one indicated by the GPS, we waited for the recalculation.  There is so much in that short sentence that applies to the rest of life, I thought of just stopping with that, enough for now. The heavy traffic was proceeding both fast and slow in unfamiliar territory, a multitude of expressways,

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