September 9 , 2020 /


As an older person, I have a perspective on living conditions then and now because how I lived then is different from how I live now. I appreciate the differences. Then there were no digital devices on which to rely for communication, storage or photos, etc. Now there is a plethora of computers, chips and

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September 8 , 2020 /


There’s a saying around our house, “When we make plans, God laughs.”  I have tried parsing that numerous times without a lot of success and sometimes, it’s after plans go awry for one reason or another that we have to laugh. We know about hindsight.  It’s perfectly clear.   We know a fair amount about insight. 

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September 4 , 2020 /


Around the age of 2-3, we start to know ourselves as someone with an identity where we look in the mirror and say, “That’s me!”  I am somebody with a name. Our name becomes part of who we are, what we are called by our parents, our brothers and sisters and then by everyone whom

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August 17 , 2020 /


There are many covert as well overt practices that contribute to racism today in the United States. There are some white people who seem not to be able, or willing, to acknowledge the bias of white privilege.  It may be easier for them to blame others rather than accept any responsibility for many of the

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August 8 , 2020 /


Those of us limited to the English language have this word, love, which gets used for loving everything from ourselves to another person, to our families, to our dogs and cats and horses, to our cars and other material things, to the essence of nature itself.  And then there’s the religious dimension expressed in various

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July 30 , 2020 /


She walks through the room where I am working and says, “I just wrote a piece about you.”  I got sidetracked and told her a story about hearing the pseudonyms of David Dennison and Peggy Peterson for Donald Trump and an alleged paternity case.  As a young kid my parents shared cartoon characters named Denny

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