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Who’s winning?

The earth is flat, the Holocaust didn’t happen, the moon landing was a Hollywood studio production, the climate crisis isn’t serious and Covid 19, that data says killed over 600,000 people in the United States, was a hoax.  For some humorous flat-earth perspective:


A favorite saying of mine is “Denial is not river in Egypt.” The obvious and continuing behaviors of doubt, denial, divert continue to muddy the waters so that those who are being misled by others cannot see, understand or appreciate the truth.  In their world, they are given a list of  “alternate facts”, and those are not subject to scrutiny and verification.

Fact checkers are busy trying to keep up with a plethora of lies, disinformation and misleading statements. These statements are twisted to suit a pre-conceived agenda designed to advance a dangerous narrative that is a threat to personal freedom and democracy itself.

The insurrection of January 6 was called a “normal” tourist visit by more than one elected official. In the 6 months following, 559 people have been charged and those charges will range from unlawful entry to attacking police to sedition.  Insurrection and sedition are not the same and these cases will offer numerous commentaries and complexities.  To gain a better understanding of some of the terms, consider this article: https://www.themarshallproject.org/2021/01/08/a-civilian-s-guide-to-insurrection-legalese

When truth and facts are altered to suit someone’s bias, personal beliefs and political position, honesty and integrity are out the window. If we do not speak up and actively oppose behavior that misleads people, we are complicit by our silence. Neutrality is not an option. “If you remain neutral in the face of injustice you have taken the side of the oppressor.”  Desmond Tutu

The latest, weird twist was the applause at the recent CPAC conference announcing the low vaccination rate.  Where are these people’s minds with regard to the efficacy of the vaccines?  Dr. Fauci called this horrific!  He did not win his NIH position in a lottery.

Do they want more serious illness and deaths due to Covid19 and its variants?  Who do they think is suffering or do they care?  And even more to the point, why are they trying to influence people away from scientific evidence about what saves peoples’ lives?  Here’s the conundrum. If they were truly pro-life they would not take that position but their pro-life stance is singularly focused on abortion, not life as we know it.

And now we have people who are serious about installing the FG backwards into a failed presidency?  They are not in their right minds and being led by someone who is clearly out of touch with reality.  That is why it is dangerous and needs to be stopped before it gains any more traction.  One chance is that a story built on lies will fail because the story cannot stand any kind of scrutiny. It will eventually fall apart.  So, it’s up to those who are following a demented leader to stop following and supporting a mentally cracked and broken soul.  It’s also up to the rest of us to keep calling it out.  https://steady.substack.com/p/lies-beget-tragedy







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