April 16 , 2022 /


Here we are again, an inflection point on the liturgical calendar, the conjoining of Passover and Easter – Jewish and Christian holy days to celebrate accordingly.  What we make of it is up to each of us and our families to make of it what we will.  The image accompanying this post are the decorated

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April 5 , 2022 /

BZ and AZ

BEFORE ZOOM and AFTER ZOOM When I started a new chapter as a consultant and a coach in 1999, and worked for a consulting company as an independent, self-employed, contract consultant, we communicated with each other and clients via email, free conference telephone calls and mobile phone calls remotely from anywhere we had service.  At

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January 20 , 2022 /


As some of you who connect with me and follow me know, I was thrown off track on December 31, 2021, with an uninvited intruder, the Omicron Variant of the Covid 19 Pandemic.   I made a trip to our local ER where the good folks working New Year’s Eve gave me some tests, several medications

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October 10 , 2021 /


Questions for all of us are what changes lie ahead and which ones can be planned and which will come whether or not we have a plan? What will be significant and meaningful in the future?  That script is yet to be written.  Considering my own significant and meaningful life changes in the past, these

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September 23 , 2021 /


Years ago I developed a little scheme for helping people to deal with that I called, reactive emotions that usually got them nowhere, except mired in their own misery.  I offered another option. Imagine someone making a snide remark or remember the last time someone said something to you that prompted an immediate, spontaneous “fight

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August 10 , 2021 /


This is the final installment for this recently completed two-month road trip and a summary with suggestions for travelers whether RV’s, SUV’S, 4WD, trucks and cars.  To really appreciate this country and its varied landscapes, the best way to see it is to immerse yourself in it on the road.  No flying, no airports or

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