August 8 , 2022 /


For the past 8 weeks, if there is any, one, dominant theme, it is trees.  Woods, forests, fields, streams, rivers and trees everywhere along the way.  Every kind of tree, both deciduous and evergreen – hard wood and soft wood;  fir and spruce, pine and cedar.  I see the smallest seedlings and the largest, tallest

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July 29 , 2022 /


I had planned to keep two separate blogs, one continuing on various topics that I have had running along since 2011 and a more recent one dedicated specificially to travel.  That is not working as I had intended so I am abandoning the separate travel blog and will post those here along with others.  For

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July 23 , 2022 /


JULY 15  – We move from one campsite in Five Islands Provincial Park to another site in the same park as advance reservations are difficult to secure in the peak summer months.  Favorably impressed with the Nova Scotia parks online reservation system showing various parks, availability and ease of registering. S. also referring to iOverlander

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July 15 , 2022 /

WEEK FOUR – Isle d’ Orleans, NB & NS

JULY 8. About 5 miles east of Quebec City are the Montmorency Falls and the bridge to Isle d’ Orleans.  Consisting of 6 separate villages around the perimeter of the island the main road passes through the villages and past many farms.  Jacques CARTIER called it Île de Bacchus in 1535 because of the vines

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April 16 , 2022 /


Here we are again, an inflection point on the liturgical calendar, the conjoining of Passover and Easter – Jewish and Christian holy days to celebrate accordingly.  What we make of it is up to each of us and our families to make of it what we will.  The image accompanying this post are the decorated

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April 5 , 2022 /

BZ and AZ

BEFORE ZOOM and AFTER ZOOM When I started a new chapter as a consultant and a coach in 1999, and worked for a consulting company as an independent, self-employed, contract consultant, we communicated with each other and clients via email, free conference telephone calls and mobile phone calls remotely from anywhere we had service.  At

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