August 10 , 2023 /


I have not seen the movie Oppenheimer yet but it’s on my to do list.  In the middle of this ten day road trip we spent a night in Alamagordo which is about 80 miles south of the Trinity site where the atomic bomb was exploded, some 50 miles southeast of Socorro, NM.  This area,

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March 4 , 2023 /


We would do well to be clear about five or six things which means seeing them as they are and as they are documented by reliable, honest, and smart people.  It may not be what you would like to believe.  It may not be what you think you hear or what you see written by

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February 2 , 2023 /


(Note: Some parts of this article were published previously. Repeating those for emphasis and adding a few updates.) The history of the United States is black, brown, olive, red and white. That is in alphabetic order of color.  We are not color blind and white people have suppressed and oppressed people of color for centuries.

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January 21 , 2023 /


(Note: This blog is a follow up to this previous one, That piece focused on three systems, health care, education and politics.  The premise is that these systems are broken and dysfunctional, in need of more than being reformed. They need to be transformed into different systems that are more efficient, effective and economical.

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January 13 , 2023 /


There are numerous systems in the U.S. that were designed to serve people according to their needs.  Many of these systems have been overloaded, stretched beyond reasonable expectations and are dysfunctional to the point of being, for many consumers, a negative experience.  The three that I will mention are among those where many of us

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November 9 , 2022 /


Years ago a friend of mine had a small sailboat on Martha’s Vineyard, a 19’ O’Day Mariner and I had the benefit and pleasure of sailing it from the mooring in Edgartown Harbor all around the harbor and beyond when the sea was calm. One day a storm filled the boat with water and it

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