September 15 , 2021 /


Like many of you, I am weary of harsh rhetoric. I try to understand the sources, the motivation, the intentions.  The words and language which aim to discredit others, to refute evidence, to attack that which is genuine and credible reveal people who are either misinformed, misled, or sadly mistaken.  Some of the mistakes are

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August 7 , 2021 /


This post was first published on July 11, 2021.  Since then the number of new Covid cases has spiked to all time highs, and among the already vaccinated the variant is causing thousands of “breakthrough” cases where symptoms can range from mild to severe.  Almost all (99%) of the hospitalizations and deaths are among the

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July 11 , 2021 /


Who’s winning? The earth is flat, the Holocaust didn’t happen, the moon landing was a Hollywood studio production, the climate crisis isn’t serious and Covid 19, that data says killed over 600,000 people in the United States, was a hoax.  For some humorous flat-earth perspective: A favorite saying of mine is “Denial is not

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July 6 , 2021 /


A crisis is not a tragedy.  A crisis is a crossroads, a crossing, a time when careful, thoughtful management and making difficult choices are required.  The current crisis in teaching kids has to do not only with history but also with values and beliefs.  We have seen the great divide in the USA between those

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April 28 , 2021 /


If you are a writer, there are times when you must write because it helps think through what’s troubling you.  Writer is a label. Lately, which in my case, means a long period of time, labels have worried me for numerous reasons not the least of which is that labels put people in boxes with

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April 20 , 2021 /


I have been brooding over this piece for some time, actually for a long time when I consider my earlier experiences with white supremacy, racism and those opposed to diversity, equity and inclusion.  Recent events in the past few years have elevated A more conscious awareness on the part of many people through publicity, in

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