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Rashmir Balasubramaniam is a friend who lives and works in the UK as a thought leader and transformational coach.  I have come to know her as someone with whom I share many thoughts and impressions as we wend our way through these days and times. She posted this Mar 1 note recently that prompted what I wrote below.  You can learn more about Rashmir, here:

As is often the case Rashmir’s words inspire further thought and given the events of the past ten days on the world stage, I offer up these words for your consideration.

March 1

“As I meditated this morning there’s one word that keeps repeating. STOP. If you are familiar with the concept of subtle activism or the power of intention, beam STOP towards every Russian involved in the fighting. Leadership is not about blindly obeying orders from those up the line. Leadership is about doing what is right in the moment, in each moment and calling time on what’s not right. Sometimes that is not clear. More often than not it is. Right now it seems clear. STOP.”   Rashmir


STOP the insanity, stop man’s inhumanity to other human beings.

START demonstrating compassion and kindness.


STOP the violence, the prevalence of guns. Stop shootings.

START laying down weapons that destroy.


STOP the hate and divisive behavior.

START listening and loving others.


STOP the abuse of children and women.

START lifting people up instead of putting them down.

STOP the lies and disinformation campaigns.

START telling the truth.


STOP the destruction of our planet.

START protecting and preserving our natural eco-systems.


STOP authoritarian dictators seeking to extend their power.

START intervening and providing a peaceful solution.


STOP thoughts of retribution, and repaying evil with evil.

START thinking about peace and replacing hate with love.

You may well ask the question, while that all sounds good, how do we go about doing those things as well as talking about them?  I believe, along with Rashmir, the answer is within each of us.  The button is internal, not external.  No one said it would be easy but if there are enough of us who believe it is worthwhile, then we will see a shift in the collective consciousness to do what is right and good.  Collective consciousness, collective conscience, or collective conscious is the set of shared beliefs, ideas, and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society. In general, it does not refer to the specifically moral conscience, but to a shared understanding of social norms.  Yes, a shared understanding and shared actions as well.



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  1. To paraphrase Alan Watts… “STOP accepting or doing that which insults your soul”;

    Corollary: START doing more of that which lights up your heart.

    Yes. A collective shift is needed to START. The tipping point for this shift may not be as far away as it may currently seem to be… ????

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