September 11 , 2022 /


Sitting outside with coffee in hand, I say to S, “I need to do something creative or productive today.”   She says, “Give me an example.”   Me: “I need to look for a good writing workshop that fits where I am and who I am with my writing.”   She: “Do it.”  So, I begin researching among hundreds of possibilities.  Meanwhile, I am thinking about a metal hook embedded  in a tree limb that has grown around it which holds a bird feeding tray.  It has bothered me for months and I keep thinking that one day, I will “fix” it.  Today’s the day I decide to “do it” partly inspired by the previous conversation.  It’s small stuff but that’s often where the action is, in the small stuff.


I go to the garage and in one of my tool drawers there is a small Dremel with several attachments, one of which is a tiny grinding disc.  Now I have to figure out how to change the attachment with a very small screwdriver, holding the shank lock with one hand and loosening the screw on top of the shaft.  After several attempts, I finally succeed in removing the sanding wheel and inserting the shaft that will hold the grinder with the tiniest of screws.  Small stuff.


I grab an extension cord, wondering if it will be long enough, and take the Dremel outside to the back garden where the metal hook is embedded in the tree limb.  The extension cord, plus the cord on the Dremel are just right and I start the process of grinding through the hook which is about ¼ inch thick.  After several minutes of grinding on one side, almost through to the limb, I move to the other side which is fully exposed and grind completely through the hook.  Then I use a pair of large pliers and pry the hook underneath the limb, breaking through the last bit still embedded and the hook falls to the ground.  Success!  Small stuff.


We find another S hook, attach to another limb, reconnect the tray and Voila!  The whole process took about 45 minutes including changing the tool for the right application.  The job had been lying dormant in my mind for months and when I finally committed to getting it done, there was one more thing off my mind.  Small stuff, big relief.


Now on to find a good writing workshop.  If you have a suggestion or recommendation, feel free to send along.  In the meantime, keep on with the creative and productive, regardless the size. I promise you a sense of accomplishment.  Small stuff!

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