January 1 , 2023 /


NEW A new year, a new day and a new week, so why not a new blog?  Having finished the 30-day experiment, it seems a good time for a review and a reboot.  Many of us are glad to say good-bye to 2022 and take this blank canvas for 2023 as a gift and see

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December 30 , 2022 /


There are 31 days in this month and this 30 day Bold Experiment ends today.  The bold part was taking it on and seeing if we could meet the challenge, not all that great, nonetheless, a daily commitment.  The experimental part of this exercise was writing a short post for each day as a way

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November 1 , 2022 /


One week from today, November 8, 2022, the results of a mid-term election are likely to say what direction the United States is heading in the near future.  One week from today, this day being November 1.  Seven days. Reports suggest a significant increase in early voting and we won’t really know what that means

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October 26 , 2022 /


There are many kinds of middles as well as middling.  We often think of middle as that which is in between one end and the other.  We have the middle child, we are almost at the mid-term elections, halfway through the four-year term of a President and a mid-life crisis happens somewhere between ages 40

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September 27 , 2022 /


Luis Hernandez looked at a broken gate he had fixed for us and said, “There, now it’s more better.” While that may seem redundant or grammatically incorrect, I grew to like “more better” as I believed it summed up what we need on many fronts, “more better.”  I am indebted to Luis for this insight

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September 13 , 2022 /


Two friends in British Columbia and I, in Arizona, share information, links to some amazing, creative projects, and some whimsy in the form of poems and stories.  Not long ago, one of them posted the following 3 lines of poetry:   “Oh, to read what he has read regarding red…o”   I pondered the words

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