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Very early one morning when I woke up, I looked out the window (at 3 AM) and there was a strange narrow band of light above the mountain, Sierra Negra, which was across the river from where I lived. I wondered what it was, why it was there, what conditions caused it to be and then, upon musing further and looking more intensely, I could see that there was an opening in the cloud above the mountain and it must have surely been moonlight. In checking, to be sure it was moonlight, I discovered that the moon was in a waning phase, 24% of a full moon, against a stunning backdrop of stars. However, the clouds were covering all but this light display and there was sufficient concentration of light coming from the northeast to give me this morning gift of light upon waking.

Thinking of the possible connections, I recalled several conversations of the past several days with people who were struggling with their own clouds and mountains, challenges that they were facing in one way or another. One had to do with a relationship that had soured, temporarily I’m sure, nonetheless a painful experience. Another person was dealing with financial issues and a job he didn’t like. A third was experiencing physical pain and limitations, probably stress induced but nonetheless also real and debilitating. Those challenges must have seemed like mountains or clouds that looked and felt daunting. And what about the clouds that prevent us from seeing the whole picture?

What those friends needed are what I saw that morning – an opening in the clouds above the mountain.  That is both reassuring and gives hope to those who look beyond the current prevailing conditions.

Those conditions will change and the conditions of these three lovely human beings will change also. They can be the active participants, architects of their own change for this too shall pass. What they needed is what I saw, an opening in the cloud above the mountain. To find it, they must keep their eyes open to all that is around them. When we do that we most often find what we need.

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  1. An opening in the clouds… You’re right, it’s there when we loo for it (even if it’s when we’re tossing and turning at 3 AM). I’ve been working with someone who’s having a hard time with, well, everything. Today they had that opening. Yes, I’m guessing there will be clouds ahead but this sliver of light is a great reminder that it will come again.

    It’s so easy to feel like it will never happen. Things will never change. Truth is, they always do.

    Love this one, Gary. Have a few people in mind to email it to and I think it will hit home.


    1. Thanks, Alli. Had several people respond similarly either because they were themselves looking for some light or knew others who were. We all need to know that there are solutions, even to some of life’s most vexing problems and challenges. Sometimes we’re looking in the wrong places or in the wrong direction. I guess one other point is to keep looking perhaps with a different lens or from another perspective. Shift the focus and don’t give up.

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