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Flagstaff, Arizona, June 9, 2020.

Partly to escape the heat of southern Arizona this time of the year, partly due to being quarantined with COVID and partly as one of our regular, longer camping trips we drove north about 300 miles through Phoenix, a sprawling southwestern city, 5th largest in the U.S

We were delayed by a couple of hours north of Phoenix due to a forest fire and so much smoke that visibility was impaired to the point of traffic inching along.  By the time we reached the fire site in the mountains, the 40-50 trucks several hundred fire fighters, along with a helicopter and two airplanes had the fire mostly out by the highway although still smoldering and burning farther up the canyon.

Flagstaff is surrounded by mountains, desert and ponderosa pine forests. It’s a gateway to the San Francisco Peaks, home to Arizona’s tallest mountain (Humphreys Peak) and the Arizona Snowbowl ski resort. Nearby, Wupatki National Monument has Native American pueblo sites, and Walnut Canyon National Monument is dotted with their cliff dwellings.  It is also home to Northern Arizona University.

Our campsite is a traditional KOA campground in our cozy cabin on wheels. Campground was originally part of the  Coconino Natonal Forest and acquired through a land swap years ago. That slide-out you see is the dinette and the camper is fully equipped with heat, AC, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, shower, closets and storage. If you are considering an RV we have 20 years of experience with 6 different motor homes of every size and finally downsized to a simple pull-behind, small, lightweight trailer.  Questions welcome.

This is the first leg of a 5000 mile, six-week road trip and it will take us to visit friends and family and sites along the way.  From here we head to NV, then CA, OR, ID, MT, WY, CO, NM and back home which is now southern AZ.  The weather here today is ideal, 37 degrees last night, a high of 70 today, brilliant sunshine and a slight breeze.  For those interested here are two links for more information.  More posts will follow a little farther down the road.  Stay tuned.




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  1. I’m not someone who goes camping – and I’m in the non-camping minority where I live. I love that you are sharing your journey. What a trip! Six weeks! You’re showing us that COVID is not the end of travel or adventures. I appreciate it and look forward to more from you.


    1. Thanks! Camping is clearly not for everyone for many, good reasons. It’s a chosen life-style and having the option to go or not to go is a matter of personal preference. And, it’s only one way to be more immersed in the natural world. I lost interest in flying, except of course across the pond, several years ago having nothing to do with the current situation. I would rather drive for a week than fly for six hours but that’s just me. My next post on this topic was somewhat inspired by you, so thanks for that as well as your comment.

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