December 8 , 2022 /


Seven days on a calendar makes a week, one day following another in one of the most predictable and reliable sequences we experience. Twenty-four hours, the same for everyone with the difference being in how we choose to spend that time.  Beyond some of the necessary functions of eating and sleeping, and for many, working, we can look at how we choose to keep the same routines, day after day or whether we might consider other choices.  We may need to let go of some things in order to choose something new and different.


If you have come to this day after the seven previous ones, you may or may not choose to continue.  If you are continuing to this next day of meditations, think about whether it was a conscious choice, a pre-planned commitment or simply the next step in a journey that you have promised yourself. Having planned a journey, taken the first steps and being on your way toward a designated goal may be sufficient to keep going.


Continuing what you began requires a commitment, a certain amount of discipline that you bring to the task.  This is true in many areas of our lives whether in work, relationships with others, or in the daily business of living fully each day. Each day, one at a time, laying down a path, day after day, and finding joy and pleasure in the progress of moving forward. Sometimes we might see TBC or TBD “to be continued” or “to be determined” and we either look forward to and remember to follow up or we let it go.  To be determined is a double entendre!  To continue we must be determined to continue, choosing to continue what we began.



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