December 22 , 2022 /


Stop for a few moments and take time to really think about what you saw, what you heard or what you read and give that some serious thought by turning it over in your mind.  As you think about it, consider how it affected you. Was it a surprise or was it something ordinary?  Extraordinary? 

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December 20 , 2022 /


Making something new or doing something you have never done before can be a creative act of learning, growing and changing.  Perhaps you need to let go of something old in order to have space and time for something new.  It could be a new skill, a new activity, a new connection, a new project,

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December 18 , 2022 /


Focusing on focus, adjusting how we see things, zeroing in on a particular point of view can be an interesting and revealing exercise.  Changing the angle changes our perception. If using binoculars or a telescope or a camera, we may adjust the focal point for clarity or it is done automatically by an inboard sensor. 

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December 16 , 2022 /


Getting ready, making plans, gathering resources, anticipating what lies ahead – these require all kinds of different preparations. Much depends on whether we are designing something new, going on a trip, looking forward to a celebration or a holiday, cooking a meal, painting or repainting something, repairing what’s broken, or something as simple as going

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December 15 , 2022 /


In this Bold Experiment of 30 days of short posts looking inward with our thoughts, we are today half way to the goal. Whether or not we will make it remains to be seen, TBD, the double entendre of “to be determined.” We have many kinds of tools, techniques, skills and instruments for measuring things

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December 13 , 2022 /


When we hear the word “season” what comes readily to mind?  It could be one of the four seasons of Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall.  Did you notice they were not listed in order of their appearance?   One season ends, another begins and the most obvious characteristic, besides each one following another in a predictable

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