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Advent is two-thirds of adventure, the other third being the suffix ure. an abstract-noun suffix of action, and result, occurring in words from French and Latin: pressure; legislature.  In the world of medicine, we have procedures, and established ways of doing something.


My life has been a big adventure and a series of little adventures. And yes, the sum is greater than the whole and some ended in a hole, to be left there, buried and forgotten. Others are treasured memories, keepsakes I call them, remembering people, their names, faces and places, experiences, and events in my long calendar of time.


Advent suggests we’re going or getting somewhere, that something’s coming and that we have time to prepare.  Within the Christian tradition, it is the historic four-week period before celebrating Christmas.  As with many pagan celebrations, Christianity adopted much of this ceremony from the Winter Solstice, signaling the return of light in the seasonal calendar.  Christmas is always about the lights and Jesus was referred to in Scriptures as the Light of the World.  We see how that’s worked out, not so well, although some still proclaim that as an eternal hope, that people will see the light that shines in the darkness.  God knows we’ve had enough darkness to last a lifetime.  I am also the beneficiary of being enlightened from time to time.



My life has been and continues to include preparation and a state of readiness and it is more than that or is it?  I have been arriving and preparing and now I am here.  If I am always getting ready for what’s next, I may miss being here now rather than immersing myself in the present.


Here, in the present, is in Rancho Los Labradores in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  I am also preparing and planning for a couple of trips, a short one back to the U.S. and a longer one to Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Santiago.  If neither of those materialize, it’s ok and if they both do, that’s a bonus and I will celebrate accordingly.


“Arriving now on Track # 4, the Southwest Chief.”   Imagine all those moments along that 2,265 mile adventure of rail travel.  All I can say is that while a scenic and wonderful trip, it has lost some of its original charm and service.  One of my favorite stops, more recently visited on land, is Winslow, Arizona and La Posada Hotel. If I were to list some travel adventures those near the top would include places in Europe, the Maritimes, and a variety of other places in the U.S. Canada and Mexico.


I wonder if we are always in a state of arriving and once there, we celebrate our arrival and move on to the next?  Wait a minute!  Not so fast and why be in a hurry to get on?  Oh, right, it is, after all, about the journey, not the destination.  That’s why ADVENTURE is two-thirds ADVENT and one-third URE, the result.  Now, in this moment, I look up to the clouds, and the rain and I have arrived.  Bill Bryson was right.  There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.  I walked in the rain, arrived at the market (Mercadito) and now I am back to finish this piece on ADVENT.  May your journey this month be filled with glad surprises, grace and gratitude.

Each day is an ADVENTURE.  That’s quite a gift!






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  1. I love the season of Advent. I use these few weeks around the Soltice to remember to pay attention, be awake and aware of things outside the tinsel and sparkly lights. To embrace the extraordinary of the ordinary. To remember the humanity of it all. And to participate in active waiting. Perking my ears up and remembering my own Christmas story.
    It’s all a grand Advent-ure, isn’t it, Gary! Enjoy!

    1. Yes. it’s wonder filled season of lights, music, singing, celebrating, giving and receiving, and, as you say, “actively waiting.” I like that. Getting ready and preparing is part of the excitement whether for a meal together, a family gathering, or a trip somewhere. Joy to you and yours as we prepare to close out another year and get ready for a new one.
      We just celebrated the birth of our first great-grandchild and wow is all I can say about that! His first Christmas and first new year. Just wow

  2. ‘Advent is two thirds of adventure’ – what a lovely way to describe it… I had never thought of it in that way! I agree that anticipation and the planning of a trip is often as much fun if not more fun than the trip itself… as you say, that’s the joy of the journey. Congratulations on great-grand-fatherhood – that sounds like an adventure of many lifetimes all rolled into one!

    1. More evidence of the journey being more important than the destination. While anticipating and planning a trip can be as good as the trip itself in a different dimension of enjoying the experience, I am about to leave the planning up to an expert and become the beneficiary of someone else’s expertise. We’ll see how that goes. If I can compare doing it ourselves versus accepting a pre-planned inclusive trip and making the most of that it could be worth considering. Thanks!!

  3. Congratulations on the birth of your first great-grandchild, Gary! The advent of the unveiling of a grand adventure begins… all the best for the days and moments ahead.

    1. Thanks, Kumud. Happy Holidays to you and yours as you plan your excursion down this way to another, beautiful part of this country. Sorry to miss you here. We are headed to OKC for the Christmas holidays, flying from MEX to DFW and then via car. Let’s have a catch-up call after January 1. Cheers, G/

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