November 21 , 2022 /


Making a transition from giving thanks to living thanks is a short walk across the bridge.  On one side is where we give thanks, say thanks, and show gratitude for that which has been given to us whether material gifts that can be seen and felt, or friendships and love, which we cannot hold in

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September 20 , 2022 /


Life is about the seasons of change, internal and external, and how we adjust our rhythms and find ourselves in balance or not.  Equinox is when the amount of night and day are approximately the same, about 12 hours each, all over the world.  For us in the northern hemisphere, it marks the official end

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September 15 , 2022 /


My maternal grandfather was a descendant of the gatherers.  He was a forager in the woods, especially in late Summer and early Fall for berries, nuts, mushrooms and paw paws. He also gathered many other things including “pieces of string too short to save.”  He would put them in a shoe box with that written

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September 4 , 2022 /

LABOR DAY 2022 *

One of my favorite hymns was written by Jane Laurie Borthwick in 1819, an old Scottish hymn set to a familiar tune, “Ora Labora” by T. Tertius Noble in 1918. Noble was an English born organist who moved to the United States and eventually was the organist at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in NYC.   Borthwick

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December 3 , 2021 /


An early morning walk, on a path, through the trees, along a river, winding this way and that, soft steps in sandy soil underfoot, a few yellow leaves starting to fall from the cottonwood trees. Aware of a slight, cool breeze from the south until turning north, occasional warm sun coming through the treetops.  Two

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November 21 , 2021 /


Almost exactly a year ago this day, I posted this for Thanksgiving and re-reading it, thought it worth repeating. We have all had quite a year for many different reasons, Covid being among the top several.  I will forego listing the others. Each of you has your own list. This Thanksgiving week is a very

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