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I looked at the calendar August 15, blinked twice, and realized that ten days ago we were in heavy traffic through San Antonio and Dallas, headed north toward Lake Tenkiller in northeast Oklahoma.  The reason for that part of this trip was to retrieve our Leisure Travel Van RV that was stored at wife’s brother’s house in Goodson, OK.  We are selling it and were taking it to a son’s house in Norman, OK where he will show and sell it.


This trip began on August 4 in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, the first night at La Posada Hotel in Laredo, TX where we had stayed and enjoyed previously. It’s an historic hotel on the old plaza adjacent to the bridge and border crossing. https://www.laposada.com/history

The next day was that drive north mentioned in the first paragraph, spending the night in Denison, TX .  From Goodson, we drove to Norman, me in the RV and DW following in the car. Deposited the RV and drove up to Oklahoma City and Sunday night, August 6, at the Waterford Renaissance Hotel.  Thus far, some 1500 miles.


Monday, August 7, we head for our home in Tubac, AZ, spending the night in Alamagordo, NM, and arrive around noon, another 978 miles. While in Tubac, we attend to the mundane, car serviced, dental appointment, ordering a new HVAC unit ($10K) and think about renting the house for the winter while we are in residence in Mexico. We make arrangements with neighbors and our housekeeper for their care while we’re away, pack up some more stuff and after three and a half days, we start the trip back to SMA on Saturday, August 12.


The first night, after 582 miles, we are in Ft. Stockton, TX and the next day we finally cross the border at Solidarity Bridge in Columbia, west of Laredo after a wrong turn in the opposite direction that took an extra hour.  Extremely annoying at the time but in the whole scheme of travels, a minor inconvenience.  Let it go, got over it and the crossing was without stopping for any kind of inspection, checking or documents.  Guess they were busy elsewhere!  Traveled on to Saltillo, just west of Monterrey and after a night there in a Hampton Inn, motored on south, arriving home in San Miguel around 1 PM on Monday, August 14.


12 days, with 3.5 days in one place, and approximately 3,900 miles, 112+ gallons of gas, countless meals, 6 nights in different hotels, conversations with numerous, diverse, fellow travelers, sights and scenery along the highways through mountains and valleys, small towns and large cities, a few dead animals and vehicle crashes delaying traffic, and what to make of it all?  We are veteran road warriors and it’s a good thing we both like to travel by car or formerly RV, and would rather drive than fly when possible.  We are not opposed to flying and will soon take one or two of those trips.  We are both early risers and like to set off early and get some miles behind us by late afternoon. Highlights of this trip would include seeing family and friends, spectacular and varied scenery, sunrises, the freedom, ease and convenience of traveling on our own schedule, historic places of interest and origins, the forgotten and abandoned buildings of so many small towns, and accomplishing what spawned this trip.


A friend of mine is writing about his travels and his interviews with some of the marginalized families in different parts of the United States.  I want to recommend you have a look at Grant Lichtman’s good work, “Wisdom Road” that you can find on Facebook here:



And “Happy Trails to you until we meet again…”




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  1. It sounds like you had a whirlwind trip indeed… I feel a bit dizzy just reading about all those miles driven in such a short time… hopefully you ‘packed it all in’ and won’t have to repeat the intensity for a while… looking forward to hearing about your first autumn in your new residence in MX…

    1. The good parts I hope I mentioned in the blog, the not so good parts of heavy traffic and thousands of miles can make one weary but a good night’s rest provides “fuel” for the next day, that and good food along the way. We’ve been known to go out of our way to find a good, local restaurant with great reviews on Trip Advisor. I am making another trip back to AZ at the end of the month, and flying instead of driving. That has both a plus and minus aspect. One of our daughters left today to take her daughter to college in southern CA and look at what’s forecast there! Weather is a factor in travel regardless of being on the ground or in the air. We’ve had a lovely rain shower here today, always welcome in a desert environment whether high or low desert. Moderate temps here year round. No extremes.

  2. Gary, this sounds like a whirlwind indeed! But one without too many bumps in the road.

    It made me smile to see you stopped in Denison. That is what I consider my hometown. I lived there from 4th grade until middle of my Jr year of HS. I still keep in touch with childhood friends. In fact, 3 of those friends will be visiting me here at the cottage next month!

    Hope you are well and enjoying a little respite from your travels.

    1. Oh for heaven’s sakes! Or something like that. We often hear and say, “it’s a small world” and my rejoinder is no, it’s a big world, we just travel in small circles! I flew from MEX here to AZ for this past week, another whirlwind trip, shorter travel time but flying not much fun these days and I fly back to MEX tomorrow, an all day venture. Have fun with your friends. We travel next month to see daughter and son-in-law in Nantucket, friends visiting us in MEX in Oct and Dec and we fly to OKC for Christmas. Plenty of down time in between. All the best to you!

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