World Kindness Day – Suggestions

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November 13 , 2011 /

World Kindness Day – Suggestions

Smile Deck Ideas- Clubs/Hearts/Spades/Diamonds

Clubs: For People You Know
2 Leave a snack for an unsuspecting co-worker or friend.
3 Give a friend your favorite inspirational book with a personal note attached.
4 Connect two friends who had not previously met each other.
5 Share an inspirational story from today’s news.
6 Make a lunch for someone and slip a joke in it.
7 Write positive notes about your family or friends and share them.
8 Help someone with a chore, unexpectedly.
9 Do a ‘dance of joy’ for someone close to you.
10 Using crayons, make your own card for someone you love.
J Write a song, poem or a note for a loved one.
Q Get in touch with an old friend who you’d like to reconnect with.
K Write a thank you note to a teacher who inspired you.
A Call a mentor to say thank you.

Hearts: For Those Unknown
2 Hide spare change where a stranger will find it within the hour.
3 Tell a public service employee how valuable they are. 
4 Play the role of doorman for 15 minutes.
5 Strike up a conversation with someone who looks like they need a friend.
6 Buy bottles of water and hand them to passers-bys with a smile. 
7 Pay for the person behind you in line. 
8 Acknowledge an act of kindness by someone else and thank them.
9 Donate your favorite book to the nearest library with a note inside on why you love it!
10 Strike up a conversation with an elderly person.
J Knock on 10 doors and give them a snack– reverse trick-or-treat!
Q Create 5 cards with positive messages and leave them in a coffee shop for someone to discover.
K Pick someone unknown around you, make them smile at any cost.
A Hug the first 5 people you see!

Spades: For Our World
2 Research the most eco-friendly materials for clothing and personal care and share them with your friends.
3 Clean up litter on your block.
4 Send a thank you note to a person or business helping the world.
5 Go to the nearest park and clean up as much as you can!
6 Find 3 stories of earth-friendly people and share them.
7 Call an animal shelter and donate at least one item they need.
8 Stand outside a supermarket and give people reusable shopping bags.
9 Hand out long-life light bulbs to those around you.
10 Give an eco-friendly gift to at least 1 neighbor.
J Plant a fruit tree where it will thrive.
Q Green your food!  Cook a locally grown, organic, or vegetarian meal for your friends.
K Hug a tree in public, inspire another to do the same.
A Make and post signs with tips to reduce water use.

Diamonds: For Yourself
2 Play sports with people you don’t know in the park.
3 Write a list of what you are grateful for RIGHT NOW and share with friends.
4 Smile! And say hello to 5 strangers.
5 Offer inspiring reading to someone in the room.
6 Post a list of random kind acts in a public place.
7 Learn a statement of gratitude in another language and share it.
8 Leave flowers on the doorstep of someone you don’t know and run!
9 Use physical comedy or your wit to be funny and laugh with the group 🙂
10 Pay for an unknown person’s meal anonymously.
J Give away something important to you.
Hand out balloons to kids while skipping around in public!
K Close your eyes and practice absolute silence for 15 minutes.
A Give away one of your possessions RIGHT NOW.

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