October 9 , 2019 /


Above my work table hangs this painting of five race horses rounding what could be the final turn heading for the home stretch. Every morning, after I get started, when I am in that space, I look at this painting and it gives me a boost and an appreciation for another day to run again.  By run, I don’t mean literally running or racing, just grateful to be active, in fairly good shape and ready to go.

I have enormous gratitude for:

  1. The care of others who help feed, clothe and keep me safe, warm and ready to go.
  2. Purpose and meaning, focused on performing well.
  3. Energy and enthusiasm for the work that lies ahead.
  4. Having a partner who helps guide me on my journey.
  5. A “stable” of friends and colleagues who are in this together with me.
  6. Strength, health and a diet that nourishes & sustains me.
  7. Exercise and stretching mind, body and spirit that keep me going.
  8. Knowing that each of us is out there to do our best.

Even when we don’t win a prize, there is a sense of satisfaction knowing that we have run a good race, finished the course and are ready to do it all over again, looking forward to what lies ahead.  Such a good way to be ready to start another day.  My routines and agendas are not the same every day and, for me, that’s a good thing because I love the variety of challenges.  Today it has to do with a new generator, an air compressor and some pre-winter preparations. Next week, back to school again.

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