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We arrived at Los Labradores, San Miguel de Allende, Gto, on June 12, 4 weeks ago today!

Our small 2 br. 2 ba, villa, or casita, #201, is one of several hundred houses of different sizes and configurations.  Some are attached with a common wall, others are free-standing with lush gardens.  In the middle of the community are a hotel, an auditorium, a café, swimming pools, a clay tennis court, offices, and other amenities.  Cielito Lindo is a separate residential facility that has assisted living and memory care and some of those services can be purchased a la carte at home if needed.


We have been to San Miguel numerous times usually in our RV although we rented a house in town one time and a couple of airbnb’s at other times.  San Miguel is a very popular tourist destination, not unlike Santa Fe in the U.S. except larger and a large population of Mexican families plus the ex-pats from Canada, the U.S. and a few other countries such as Germany.

We leased the villa for a year and have received our temporary resident visa which allows us to travel anytime, anywhere, for a year and then we decide to renew for another 3 years, or not.  It is also possible to get permanent residence status which is now easier than previously as long as you meet certain requirements for immigration.


The weather is great, cool nights, warm days, some rain and we are in the central highlands, at 6000’ about 3 hours northwest of Mexico City.  A day’s drive west puts us on the beach at Troncones, just north of Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo.  In previous years we stayed in Bucerias and Los de Marcos, both on the coast north of Puerto Vallarta.  Our hope is to do some more internal trips, especially to the Yucatan .It is easy to fly internally instead of driving and then rent a car for a few days in a different place,


As we are setting up here we are learning how to navigate various services and finding some additional furnishings. We have the benefit and pleasure of a weekly housekeeper, Lupita;  a gardener who comes a couple of times a week, Angel; and the newest addition, Ellie, a cook, who will come once a week and prepare some meals of our choice for later consumption.  We are also taking Spanish lessons, again, and our teacher, a delightful Mexican woman, Patty Tello, is a former professor and Spanish teacher at Oklahoma University.  Her husband, Carlos, is an award-winning muralist, and they built a beautiful home here in the community a couple of years ago, a two-story, 4 br, 4 ba house with a small studio in the back garden.


We have most of our groceries delivered from La Comer although there are various markets with fresh produce, home baked pastries and other goodies too numerous to mention.  Amazon MX is almost as good as Amazon U.S. and we have a U.S. mailing address where mail is picked up regularly in Laredo, TX and then delivered by courier to a box we have here with a small business called Connexion.  Because of a large ex-pat community in San Miguel and here in Los Labradores, there are active networks and forums for frequent communication and connections.  We are 8 miles north of the city in a rural environment.


Medical and healthcare personnel and facilities are highly rated with specialists similar to those in the U.S. readily available upon referral from our PCP here in the community. Dental care in Mexico is as good as the U.S. and much less expensive.


We have plans on the drawing board to get back to the U.S, at least a couple of times this year, a summer trip later to Nantucket and a possible, probable Christmas trip to OKC.  We are close to receiving our first guests at the end of this month.  We would welcome a visit if you’re traveling this way. If we cannot accommodate you and you want room service, there are some first-class hotels in the city and a multi-story hotel here in our little community.  Hasta Luego!


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  1. It sounds like you have settled in really well over the past four weeks – almost like a fish takes to water, even though I notice that you are a bit away from the Ocean and the Caribbean. Six thousand feet sounds wonderful… I have heard that Mexico City is beautiful too and you are close to it… Enjoy all the ‘cultural immersion’ and keep writing. Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Kumud. We are still in the “settling in” stage which is likely to last awhile longer as most things take longer here and that’s OK. Having visited numerous times over the past 20 years, we were already familiar with many things but living here and visiting short term are very different experiences. I think part of the difference is that we knew we were temporary, short-term previously and this time we leased our villa for a year and we have status with cards not as tourists but as “residents” good for a year and then we decide whether or not to extend. Yes, we are not as close to the ocean as I might like but we can drive there easily and could spend a few days on a beach anytime. Funny thing is we are planning a trip to a beach but not here. Daughter has a house on Nantucket, about 2 blocks from the beach so planning to fly there in late August or early September.

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