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As leaders, we are acutely aware of trying to meet the needs of multiple constituencies – directors, associates, colleagues, employees, customers, and others in the larger community. We have to learn how to receive, with a measure of appropriate grace and humility, invitations, requests, suggestions, recommendations, ideas, information, bad news, and demands.

The challenge is to attend to the smallest of details while remaining connected to a larger vision, mission and purpose and representing our organization as the main spokesperson, cheerleader, sage and guide. And, we must not let any of the roles we perform go to our head and allow us to think that we know all the answers. In fact, it’s very good if we can ask the right questions and help people clarify their own intentions and goals and be sure that we know our own.

When we pay careful attention to our selves, to others, to the legitimate and genuine needs around us, we are in a much better condition and position to challenge and resist the status quo, to take creative and intelligent risks, and to encourage and support others.

This means we must carve out the time and place for that reflection, contemplation and renewal, be it solo or with a group of like-minded folks with similar needs and priorities.

When we trust our own personal core beliefs and values, our intuition and senses, and our inner teacher, we can learn how to deepen our connections to what matters most.

For many of us it has been a continual journey of inner exploration and discovery in order to be somewhat useful for outer exploration and discovery. None of us can know the end from what was begun, thus we have to trust the evolving and unfolding while perhaps nurturing it along the way. We can only contribute to the extent that we have developed the inner resources to do so. Therefore it makes such great good sense to find the place, take the time and pay attention to the development of the inner world of being. It is here that we will know not only what we can do, but more importantly, who we are.

When we discover our authentic selves, we can express the uniqueness that is ours and ours alone, and we will then be able to fulfill the imperative from the Oracle of Delphi of Know Thyself. Equipped with such knowledge we are then prepared to know others in the context of meaningful, productive relationships. And that is what makes all the difference.

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  1. To built on what you said Gary, when I lose track of my inner leader, I pause and stay for a moment. Breath in the space – that other dimension, listen and read what is there in this environment… movements, sounds, other humain being trying to do their best, like me. This perfect blend of masculine and feminine energies guides me to reconnect with my core values. In that well-grounded state, I can feel that my heart is wild open to others, I’m curious, vulnerable, trying to aligned myself with others … and ready to co-create from nothing and everything.

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