October 28 , 2011 /

Liberty and OWC

Having the statue of liberty in view spawns a few thoughts and feelings of patriotism so we considered a visit to Ground Zero appropriate and timely although there’s mostly construction going on around the memorial.  New glass skyscrapers are attempting to replace the WTC.  Not especially comfortable with the images but there you have it. 

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October 27 , 2011 /

New York City

It’s very early Thursday morning and we’re parked across from the Statue of Liberty in Jersey City.  I know it sounds a little weird but there is an RV campground here just before the entrance to the Holland Tunnel. Liberty RV Park and Marina with ferry and train service into Manhattan.  Leaving Memphis Tuesday morning,

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October 24 , 2011 /


Intentions are to post here every other day or so on this two week road trip from Abiquiu, New Mexico to Stowe, Vermont and return.  First day out last Saturday, 10/22 was to Palo Duro Canyon, south of Amarillo, Texas, billed as the second largest canyon in the country.  No need to comment on which

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October 18 , 2011 /

“Sunrise, Sunset”

Sunrise, 7:09 AM – October 12, 2011  Abiquiu, New Mexico The light, just before the sun comes over the horizon, is pure and clear when there is not a cloud in the sky and no pollution to filter this amazing light. It’s one of the many reasons artists, photographers and others come to northern New

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October 10 , 2011 /

“It’s About Time!”

Here is an interesting phrase, “taking time off” because time is never off.  Like it says in the old ads for Timex, it just keeps on ticking and one day, we will run out of time, or walk out, or lie down and check out.  Think of some of the amusing ways people speak about

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October 9 , 2011 /

No Virtue in Being Busy

I receive at least a dozen or more emails, telephone calls or messages each week (I don’t text) that are filled with comments about how busy someone is and I am often guilty of the same kind of remark.   And for those who must travel for work, that adds a layer of time consumption, creating

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