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November 23 , 2011 /

Thanksgiving 11/11

What does it mean to pause, take time out, time off and immerse one’s self in a place and space for giving thanks?  As I face 103 degrees East and watch the sun rise over the hills, I am ever grateful for the gift of a new day.  The trees and the fields are waiting

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November 17 , 2011 /


Join a small group of colleagues in a fabulous setting for a unique experience!“Leading is building collaborative energy, listening, asking questions, discerning and helping a group move forward with a purposeful, shared vision.”  GRGNovember 13-16: Deciding to Lead: The Art and Experience of Leadership,  JUST CONCLUDED! – 30 participants from all over the U.S. – 

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November 13 , 2011 /

World Kindness Day – Suggestions

Smile Deck Ideas- Clubs/Hearts/Spades/Diamonds ♣ Clubs: For People You Know 2 Leave a snack for an unsuspecting co-worker or friend. 3 Give a friend your favorite inspirational book with a personal note attached. 4 Connect two friends who had not previously met each other. 5 Share an inspirational story from today’s news. 6 Make a

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November 9 , 2011 /

The Proverbial Seven P’s

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Pee Poor Performance or perhaps it should read Prior Proper Planning Produces Positive Productive Performance! I do not know who deserves credit for the seven P’s but they really capture so much of why a good plan results in positive performance and a poor plan prevents productive performance.  Enough alliteration, we

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November 7 , 2011 /

The IONS of Leadership

I like the definition of ion as an electrically charged particle, thinking of a person who is “charged” with the opportunities and responsibilities of leadership. Or, consider the leader who can display a controlled field of energy that is contagious. And, I like the origin of the word ion in Greek, where it means literally,

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November 3 , 2011 /

Critical Components for Effective Leadership

With credit  to The Harvard Business Review (January 2009) “Women and the Vision Thing”:  Critical Components of Leadership that comprise the Global Executive Leadership Inventory, here are 12 descriptions of leadership characteristics and behaviors that may well determine a high level of success for a those in positions of leadership.  I have extrapolated these to

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