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Coaching & Career Advancement

Consulting Services

Improve your position and get a step ahead of others with:

  • Review of resume and other materials
  • Targeting your objectives and goals
  • Interview preparation and coaching
  • Contract negotiations and closing

What Is Coaching or Career Advancement?

You may be a head of school or executive director looking for a new and different opportunity or you could be looking for coaching and support in your current position.   You could be seeking to move into administration or you could be someone from outside an organization that you might like to consider. In any one of those scenarios we can provide some help that will give you an opportunity for growth and change.

How Does It Work?

Anyone interested in discussing the possibility of using this service is encouraged to get in touch as soon as a change is contemplated. Having sufficient time to craft ones own strategic and career plan is a great benefit.

The cost for this service and support is 3% of the first year’s salary or an hourly rate to be paid over time unless other arrangements are made between the consultant and the client. Early response has indicated these fees to be reasonable and fair and in many cases, successful negotiations have resulted in additional compensation more than the cost.

There are obviously no guarantees or certainties. There is a wide variety of expectations and needs. Our goal in working together is to develop the best possible strategy for improving the chances for success. The desired outcome is to secure the most desirable change you can design.   We believe that this service will provide significant benefits to those who see the value in the opportunity. A successful outcome is our primary focus and concern.