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I had planned to keep two separate blogs, one continuing on various topics that I have had running along since 2011 and a more recent one dedicated specificially to travel.  That is not working as I had intended so I am abandoning the separate travel blog and will post those here along with others.  For those who read my blog and prefer one category over the other, simply delete the one that doesn’t interest you and stick with the one that does.  Feel free to add your comment, suggestions or feedback anytime in the comment section at the end.

Thanks for indulging me in these writing exercises which I am working on improving in the future in several ways.  More to come.  Here’s the latest on travel:

JULY 22 – Spent a good part of the morning on the phone with several source and service suppliers, narrowed the field to 3 – LTV in Winkler, Manitoba to order new propane regulator to be shipped to Nova Scotia; CRC RV service center in Truro, NS, for installation of same next week; FEDEX for change in shipping destination for a Starlink satellite dish to replace DISH and Wineguard.  Logistics rule whether traveling or not!  On this last day on P.E.I. we binged watched Season 1 of Yellowstone.  Not a travel day.   For those unfamiliar with our Leisure Travel Van, check it out here and for newer models, visit their web site.   Photos for this blog on the 3 links:



JULY 23  – Highlight of relatively short trip to Amherst, NS was lunch at Bistro Le Chat Bleu.  If you or anyone you know gets close to Confederation Bridge in either direction this little gem of a restaurant in the middle of nowhere was magnifique.  Gisele, owner and chef, spent 10 years remodeling an old building which was originally a church, then Goodwin’s general store for some 30 years.  The menu and ambience were superb, the preparation and presentation deserve a Michelin star, IONSHO. (In Our Not So Humble Opinion).  See Menu and Gallery here:




We motored on to Amherst, NS and Loch Lomond for the weekend before going on to Elm River Park near Truro for the week.  Lakeside campsite quite nice if a bit windy.


JULY 24-28. Having been at Elm River earlier and recalling our visit to Masstown Market, we headed there again, timing it for a great lunch and some grocery shopping.  It began as a farm-gate operation in the spring of 1969, and over fifty years later has grown to become a local landmark thanks to their tradition of quality foods, great selection, and friendly service. It is a combination of a full-service restaurant and a grocery/wine store and not a chain like Whole Foods. History of growth from farm to booming business along with a conversation with a woman who remembered the early days as a kid now working there as an adult provided some perspective.  Across the road they also have a large scale butcher with select meat from the local Millen farm and a creamery, plus a gift shop.





Tracked a package from LTV in Winkler, Manitoba to Winnipeg to Miarabel, QC (Montreal) to Dieppe to Truro, NS. 2 day air via UPS on time; have an appointment at CRC RV Service Center Thursday to get a new propane regulator installed.  Canceled the Starlink order and shipment.Too complicated given uncertainty of time and changing locations.


P.S. CRC RV installed new regulator but that did not correct genset issue.  Their further diagnosis suggested a bad solenoid that gets too hot and shuts down the generator after it runs for a minute or so.  So, it’s not a propane problem but something else.  Will talk to LTV for more info and continue on.  Once again, people were exceptionally helpful, went the extra mile although results were disappointing for all.  May be a generator issue and that means a visit to Cummins Onan somewhere along the way, maybe in Maine on our return to U.S.


This post seems less about travel than others and  we will be on the road again soon for another week, much of it in Newfoundland.  Leaving here Sunday headed for North Sydney.  Stay tuned if you can.








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