October 10 , 2019 /


I watched some trees, swaying back and forth in the wind, and these thoughts came to me while I watched the wind move the trees.

  1. Work with the forces that seek to move you. Adapt and adjust so that you do not break because you are too rigid.
  2. Be flexible and move in several different directions, back and forth, up and down, whatever it takes.
  3. Be strong at the center, at the core of your being, and then branch out to new heights where the view is quite different.
  4. Be grateful for what you receive that enables growth – nutrients, light, air and water.
  5. Be ready for changing conditions and adjust to the vagaries of weather and the season.
  6. Reach higher and wider in order to grow and evolve into what you are meant to be. Fulfill your potential.
  7. Give according to what you are able to provide whether housing, food, shade, or simple and artful beauty.
  8. We are just one among hundreds of different kinds of beings and there is so much richness in diversity. Appreciate every kind.
  9. Do not be overrly concerned about appearances. Those are merely superficial.
  10. Grow where you are planted and share with all who pass by.

Trees bless us every day with their presence.  We too can bless others with our presence.


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