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Or is it time to travel?  I prefer the double entendre of it’s time to travel and having the time to travel, both of which are true for us.  We love to travel as anyone who knows us, knows well.  Our first trip together, some 25 years ago, was to Canyon de Chelly in AZ, not a long distance since we lived in northern New Mexico. The Native American culture in the Southwest is such an important part of its history to understand and appreciate and there are numerous places you can visit in order to have a first-hand experience of that rich and wonderful heritage.  If you have not been to one of them, I recommend Canyon de Chelly as well as Chaco Canyon.   (apparently still closed, check for updates)   (open)

The Four Corners region of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico has some amazing features and we can recommend specific places depending on your interests.  Some people like the natural wonders, others are more interested in the cultural and historical aspects of a particular area.  In either case you will not be disappointed.  We have found many of the National Parks to be crowded during the summer months and with the exponential increase in RV travelers, that seems to have added to that population.    (one suggested route in the Four Corners)

We are now on our 8th RV, a 2019 Leisure Travel Van, the Unity 24MB, which for the two of us and our dog, is ideal.  We have had the largest, a 47’ Newell with 4 slide-outs and one of the smaller ones, a Roadtrek 22RS van.  Others included a GMC and a Barth, neither of which are no longer made, an Allegro Bus and a Dynamax 32XL.  The most recent, prior to the current LTV, was a 24’ Lance Travel Trailer that we towed with a Ford F-150.  Anyone needing or wanting recommendations for an RV, send an email with questions and we will gladly respond.  People have different needs and preferences. We can also suggest itineraries depending on your desires regarding destinations and locales as we have traveled most of the U.S. as well as parts of Canada and Mexico.  RVs are a lot like boats, configured similarly and often known as land yachts.  If you want to try one out, rent one for a week to see how it all works and feels.

Our next road trip, as currently projected starting late next month, will be from here (southern AZ) east and north, headed toward Maine and Vermont and many stops in between to see family and friends.  If Canada lets her southern neighbors back in, we may include some time even farther north.  At this point, we are in the planning stage and still on the learning curve of all the functions on the LTV. We will offer up some posts from the road for those interested.  There are numerous online RV travel forums and many other informative travel forums sans RV.

One of the many things we have enjoyed with travel via an RV on this continent is the independence and flexibility plus being on our own schedule and not in airports or planes or trains even if they do try to be on time.  If you have your own plane, then you set the time.  Time. The good life is all about time and how we choose to use it.





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  1. I’ve never remotely considered traveling in an RV. Years ago, I had an exceptionally long commute and since then I’ve always hated time driving. When we drove from Virginia to Cape Cod each year, it felt like forever. Logically, I know it’s very different via RV than stuck in traffic or even cruising on the highway. I imagine that part of driving in the RV is enjoying the journey as much as the destination. In all of those cases with me it was about getting from Point A to Point B. Look forward to following your upcoming adventure. Hope you plan to share.


  2. Thanks. This sub-culture, life-style does not appeal to everyone although its population has exploded here in the past 10 years and especially this past year where RV travel offered limited contact and independence. Yes, it is about the journey as well as enjoying everything or many things between Point A and Point A. That’s a round-trip. I will offer up a travel post now and then once we’re on the road again, starting in late June. For those not interested, they will simply ignore or delete and that’s fine. I will also try and continue a few other topical posts. Is there anything that you find especially interesting that I could offer more of here? Your insights always helpful.

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