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Disagreements and differences of opinions separate people, communities and countries and there are those whose efforts are designed to pit people against each other through partisanship and intolerance.

There are also those whose efforts are designed to build bridges of understanding, create communities of compassion and work toward bringing people together around a common vision, common purpose, and common goals.

Each of us has to decide whether we will work toward bringing people together serving a purpose higher than ourselves or spend our time and effort promoting a personal agenda characterized by self-centered interests and the lack of cooperation.

The position you take will either help transcend and celebrate our differences or reinforce the differences that keep people apart.  You cannot remain neutral because you will be either on one side or the other.



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  1. Thank you Gary – a good reminder for me right now. You are right about “we can not remain neutral”. And I have to admit, that from time to time in a difficult situation, I have to stop the ” Ego voice” in my head and start to be more curious and open to recognize, accept and celebrate our differences. xxx

    1. Thanks, Christine. I think we sometimes try to avoid “taking sides” but in reality, our opinions based on our values and beliefs will carry the day and determine where we are with regard to a particular issue or concern. Neither for nor against is an abdication of responsibility.

    1. Glad you made that connection. Hope that others might also see examples of those who work to transcend differences in order to make us all better.

  2. We either see people on the “other side” as objects in our way… or as human beings. The choice is ours and makes all the difference.


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