The Seven C’s of Competent Leadership *

September 14 , 2015 /

The Seven C’s of Competent Leadership *

Rate yourself (or your leader) on a scale of 1-10 for each one.  Total and average.  See results.

1. Communication that is clear, concise, compelling and timely.  Stay in touch with customers’, clients’ and constituents’ information that keeps them connected

2. Collaboration that is supportive and encouraging.  It takes time, effort and energy,  but the results are convincing.

3. Confidence that inspires mutual trust, mutual respect and the open sharing of information, otherwise known as transparency that provides clarity.

4. Courage to take on the difficult challenges and find workable solutions, solve a problem and move forward.

5. Compassion that illustrates and demonstrates care for the well-being of individuals and the environment in which they all work.

6.  Commitment to agreed upon goals and plans and to the enduring completion of tasks and projects affecting all constituencies.

7. Character that reflets integrity, honesty, empathy, genuineness and warmth, indications of  concern for the common good.

* In addition to the C word at the beginning in each of the seven, find another C word or more in every one.  If you had to choose, which one would you put at the very top?  These are not in any necessary order or priority as that depends on your own and your organization’s particular needs.

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