The Day Before Christmas, Dec 24, 2012

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The Day Before Christmas, Dec 24, 2012

T’was the day before Christmas and all through the land
No one was playing, not even the band.
People were traveling from near and far
Some by airplane and others by car.
Many were troubled by visions in their head
Of children so beautiful and now they are dead.
Mothers and fathers with tears in their eyes
Thousands of prayers lifted to the skies.
In the halls of Congress there was so much chatter
But without big change it just wouldn’t matter.
There must be a way to touch peoples’ hearts
So all will stop arguing, and quit flinging the darts
There is much you can do to help all mankind
Believe in the goodness that each of us can find
And kindle that spark of wonder and joy
And share it generously with every girl and boy.

To every neighbor, relative and friend you know

Reach out and touch them with spirits aglow.

Give them reasons to love and share with another
A brother or a sister, a father and a mother.

Leaving the past and so much grief behind
Memories can endure loss so we shall find
New life like new leaves on a now empty tree
Will come this Spring for everyone to see.
Open your eyes, your ears and your heart
For this is the time and the place to start.
There is only this moment we have in time
Don’t miss it, don’t miss it, t’would be such a crime.
Look into the face of a child who is near
Precious and sacred, even more so this year
You will see in that child pure joy and delight
Ever so true on this very special night.
This season gives us reason to dance and to sing
Carols and presents and ourselves we bring
To this holiday gathering of family and clan
May yours be blessed by every woman and man
Let us take time out for moments of quiet
Amidst the noise and message to buy it.
Silent night, holy night, that is the song
For those who believe and those who belong.
Join a chorus regardless large or small
Let your voices be heard in every hall
Tell the world what you know and believe
And help those others your kindness receive.
This is the day we can all come together
Regardless of storms or lousy weather
And so we will say without any fright
Happy Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!
Gary Gruber  © 2012

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