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“Sunrise, Sunset”

Gary GruberUncategorized“Sunrise, Sunset”

“Sunrise, Sunset”

Sunrise, 7:09 AM – October 12, 2011  Abiquiu, New Mexico
The light, just before the sun comes over the horizon, is pure and clear when there is not a cloud in the sky and no pollution to filter this amazing light. It’s one of the many reasons artists, photographers and others come to northern New Mexico, for the clarity that becomes a metaphor for a way of living.  Plein air painters especially enjoy this setting.  We live a mile down the road from Georgia O’Keefe’s house and studio.
The slightest breeze is moving the leaves, silhouetted against the early morning, eastern sky.  The aspens and the cottonwoods have all turned that exquisitely golden hue that is worth more than the price of real gold at $1663.00 per ounce yesterday. 
Being able to be outdoors near mountains and meadows, forests and streams is a gift in any season but the Fall brings its own special delights.  I see the sun rise almost every day from this vantage point of a study that faces east and has a view of Marsha Mason’s bosque across the river.  I heard that she finally sold her property “Resting in the River” which was put on the market back in 2008.  The 247 acre estate and ranch was most recently listed at 7.9 million, down from the original 13 million where it started.
Our 12 acres of paradise here at The River House provide more than enough pleasure and work to keep us fully engaged on a daily basis.  We added a menagerie that includes mini-donkeys, chickens, (down to 11) and the usual domestic dogs (2) and cats (4) plus a pond of koi (7) and we often reference to this place  as our own Peaceable Kingdom, reminiscent of the painting by Edward Hicks.  However I don’t think we’ll be adding more to our herd, flock and school, although a few more free-range chickens might be welcome.  The peace is sometimes disturbed by beavers taking their share of trees and saplings or a flock of geese overhead or sandhill cranes making that wonderful clicking noise.  And then a chorus of coyotes joins the symphony and the scene is almost complete.
Fall is time to prepare for Winter, and Spring, but it’s also time to enjoy Fall to the fullest and this sunrise is just about the greatest way to begin another day, one filled with joy, beauty and a lot of connections.  This day, like every one yet to be filled, is a gift. The promise is large, the opportunities are immense, and there are glad surprises to be discovered all along the way.  Cool nights, warm days, brilliant sun and the road beckons. It’s time for exploring beyond, taking in ever more sights, sounds and the delicious delights of a new day.  The words from Beethoven’s finale of Ode to Joy: 

Be embraced you millions,
This kiss for the whole world!
Brothers, beyond the star-canopy…
Be embraced,
This kiss for the whole world!
Joy, beautiful spark of divinity,
Daughter of Elysium,
Joy, beautiful spark of divinity

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