June 21 , 2022 /


Today, June 21, marks the “official” end of Spring, the “official” beginning of Summer. Regardless of the calendar formality, you’re free to celebrate on your own schedule.

You can read all the details about why that occurs here:

It’s a lot about the earth’s relationship to the sun. It’s also about our relationship to the sun, to the moon, to light itself, changing light, more daylight in the summer. However, rather than get bogged down in the details, I want to reflect on the meaning of Summer from a different perspective.  It’s a little like remembering what it was as a kid just out of school on the one hand and finding a way to return to that as an adult in later years with time to enjoy it again without work being a dominating presence.

Then it was mostly about having fun although as I got older, meaning beyond 16, it was all about a summer job and the fun was reserved for evenings and weekends without many adult responsibilities.  Food, clothing and housing were still provided by the parents.  Now, once again, it also about creating fun via enjoyable experiences, and in our case

I have had the privilege and luxury the past few years of working occasionally, very part time, by choice, and that has been and continues to be an interesting life transition.  It is also a gift and a blessing.  It’s not that I am looking for things to do to keep me busy.  I have more than enough to keep me engaged, active, entertained and involved.

We left our home base last Thursday and are headed toward Newfoundland in our RV. You can read more about that on the TRAVELS page if you’re interested.  We love the changing landscapes, interesting places and people.  It’s our summer solstice celebration and today we are hunkered down for a couple of days near Fairmont, MN.

I hope you find your own ways to celebrate summer solstice and the summer season the next three months prior to the autumnal equinox, another time of anticipation, appreciation, and celebration.  Now the sun appears to start back south along the horizon, imperceptibly at first, as the daylight begins to diminish, ever so slowly.

One summer, back in 1961, I was in Alaska where we had a softball game at midnight without any lights.  That is but one memory that stands out among many.  What is one of your favorite memories of a summer gone by?