October 19 , 2019 /


Much is said about letting go of a burden in order to lighten our load or letting go of an older, outmoded practice or habit in order to embrace a new and better one.  Letting go is not as easy as it sounds, because we may have become attached to what we believe is the best and works for us.  Letting go of thoughts and ideas which we may have held onto for a long time may feel like losing something of value when in fact, we need to make room for a new idea that is even better.  Consider the following:

Letting go of negative thoughts and feelings is getting rid of a toxic poison and in that process of cleansing, our minds, bodies and spirits are healthier and more productive.

Letting go of a failed and flawed relationship opens the door to new possibilities that were previously only imagined,

Letting go of a worn-out favorite shirt or pair of shoes entitles you to find a suitable and desirable replacement.  (That’s symbolic as well as real!)

Letting go of a rigid, fixed schedule while predictable, safe and comfortable opens up the possibility of freedom, flexibility and innovation.

Letting go of some material possessions that require maintenance and management creates more time and space to enjoy other, perhaps postponed, activities.

Letting go and saying good-bye to a loved one is a celebration of life and honoring the memory of one who was important in your own life.

Letting go of the past enables us to live more fully in the present and prepare for the future,

When we have difficulty letting go, pay attention to why we might fear letting go.  Is it a lack of confidence and courage or something else?   If it’s something else, what is it?  When we can give it a name, we can deal with it and begin to move on.


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