PS for LABOR DAY 2022

September 7 , 2022 /

PS for LABOR DAY 2022

PS for

There are numerous workers who make my life easier, better or more productive and I want to list them by category and thank a number of them personally for their good work. Here are my top ten:

1. Medical personnel including doctors, nurses, technicians and administrators

2. Police, fire, safety and sanitation workers

3. Farmers, food producers and purveyors

4. Teachers, colleagues, clients and educators

5. Utility engineers and technicians including mechanics, plumbers,& electricians

6. Highway construction and bridge engineers, workers and builders

7. Hotel and hospitality employees including table attendants

8. Pilots, reservation agents, flight attendants and baggage handlers

9. Sales representatives, concomitant technical support and mechanics

10. Domestic help and support both inside and outside of our home

This group is extensive and far from exhaustive. I am grateful to many individuals in each of these groups and I have interacted personally with numbers of them repeatedly. For their service and support, their good work and for their helping to sustain me in one way or another, I remember and thank them, Labor Day, 2022

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