August 3 , 2014 /


The origin of the word is obscure but we all know its meaning.
It is usually associated with damp, moist and thick air where
Sound travels better although it might seem muffled.
Apparently the drops of water in fog are not connected
And it’s really hard to see (or think) in a very thick fog!
That exercise of 55 words started a train of thought about some of the things that present obstacles to sustained thought.  I have often thought that I probably “suffered” from ADD as it has always been easy for me, at times, to be distracted by some peripheral, external activity.  In fact, it still is unless I am really concentrating and focusing on a specific activity.  I did not consider my deficient attention to be a disorder but rather a welcome diversion, at least on many occasions when I found something of interest even if momentary.
Here is one example.  We will be driving down the road having a conversation, which we do a lot, and I might say, “Look, there’s a chicken!”  I know it seems rude to my wife and for awhile it became a kind of joke that we could use as a reference whenever either of us interrupted the other with something other than the current thread of conversation.  You need to understand that I had a genuine interest in chickens and kept some for several years.  I was especially fond of French Black Copper Marans.  So it was easy for me to be drawn to chickens in the same way that classic cars might turn my head at another time.
Another obstacle is what I call overloading the circuit.  In other words, there is just too much draw on the amperage, the circuit breaker trips and off goes the current.  Everything stops until we can either reset the breaker or reduce the load and start over.  Too many simultaneous or diverse thoughts at the same time will do that and so, we start over.  We can back up, find out where we were and go at it again.  Actually, there are times when that’s a good idea anyway, to get a fresh start or review where we have been so we know where we’re going.  It’s really quite clarifying!
Here’s my last example and I hope you will think of your own obstacles and how you deal with them.  Or have a discussion with your “team” and discover what others may struggle with that prevents getting to where you want to be with your thoughts, ideas and activities.  I keep a mental list and sometimes write down what I am working on in terms of projects, things to do, what needs attention and who I need to contact for this or that.  When there is a lot on that list, I seldom reorder the priorities.  I just try to plough on the best I can.  I think there may be a better way!

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