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A new year, a new day and a new week, so why not a new blog?  Having finished the 30-day experiment, it seems a good time for a review and a reboot.  Many of us are glad to say good-bye to 2022 and take this blank canvas for 2023 as a gift and see what we can make of it.  When I said to DW that I was about to launch a new blog, her response was, “Good, a new routine!”    I don’t know that this will be on a regular schedule because I prefer flexibility to fixed. That said, I may try to post something on a somewhat weekly basis although I am not setting that in stone.


Having posted over 600 blogs over the past 12 years, there have been a few repeats and several revised and updated, but most are original thought pieces that are my way of sharing what’s on my mind and even at times, trying to figure out why.  I appreciate my subscribers, their comments and feedback, and especially their continuing support.  I do not and will not charge anything as I am not trying to monetize what I write and I am not selling anything.  If I endorse something or someone else, I have no proprietary interest nor do I expect to gain anything as a result. What that means is that I have found whatever it is or whoever it is to be interesting, valuable and worthwhile.  I will sometimes use IMNSHO which I invented some years ago as short-hand for “in my not so humble opinion.”  It is important to me to separate opinion from facts.  I like what Daniel Moynihan said, “You are entitled to your own opinion, Sir, you are not entitled to your own facts.”


This blog appears regularly as a page on my web site https://garygruber.com/blog

Anyone can subscribe there by inserting your email into the blank at the top of the right-hand column.  If I get around to publishing on Substack, you may subscribe there, at no charge as I understand it. I have posted regularly on Twitter but that may go away in 2023, one way or another, either it’s continuing demise or my leaving entirely.  I also post from time to time on LinkedIn for a different group of followers.


I am exploring some themes for 2023 among which are ones that seem important for others as well as myself, moving more toward the inner life –  the aspects of living well, aging well, staying connected with friends, our travels, and moving forward, since there’s no going back except by remembering and life lessons learned.  I am open to and welcome your suggestions for what you might like to see coming from my head, heart and fingers beyond what I am able to invoke on my own. At times, something may catch my attention for some unexplainable reason which gives me pause to try and see why the cereal aisle had any appeal whatsoever.  It might have been nothing more than wondering about our addiction to consumption.


Oh yes, I have been cooking more in the kitchen so I might even share a favorite recipe from time to time although this will not become a regular feature.  I want to say thanks to all of you, thanks to 2022 for what I learned, and thanks to my extended family who make me proud to watch you grow and contribute to your own families and communities in such wonderful ways.  Gratitude and Grace and more of those for 2023!

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