October 10 , 2021 /


Questions for all of us are what changes lie ahead and which ones can be planned and which will come whether or not we have a plan? What will be significant and meaningful in the future?  That script is yet to be written.  Considering my own significant and meaningful life changes in the past, these came to mind as background and preparation for whatever lies ahead.

  1. Blessed with loving and generous parents with values of respect, responsibility and freedom, I received support, encouragement and resources to explore and experiment on my own, to make mistakes and to learn and grow. I valued their counsel and wisdom, ever grateful for their gifts.

2 . The births of three children, all of whom have their own families –inevitable movement from family of origin, to nuclear family, to extended family and beyond.  In a larger context now, we are a blended and extended family of a Mom and a Dad, sharing 7 children and their partners/spouse along with 14 grandchildren.

  1. Three distinct careers and meaningful work in theology, psychology and education in different places with colleagues in various settings. Preparation included a bachelor’s degree, two master’s degrees and a doctorate. As a teacher, professor, therapist, and consultant I enjoyed engaging with people in designing and planning change. My goal?   To create more effective and productive organizations and helping others to realize more of their human potential.

4. Residing in different environments and communities, I had the benefits and privileges of experiencing regional and national characteristics that are similar and different. I lived on the east and west coasts of the U.S, the Midwest and Southwest and lived and worked for two years in London. Each place was unique. Common threads were friends, neighbors and enjoyable relationships regardless of location.

5. Extensive travel in the USA, Canada and Mexico, and visiting 10 different countries in Europe enriched my appreciation for the rich diversity of people and places. That we are still able to travel and enjoy being independent and mobile is a gift that I continue to appreciate.

6. I worked in the arenas of social and racial justice, and advocated for diversity, equity and inclusion. This gave me opportunities and perspectives that I wish more people could embrace. In recent years, as divisiveness and polarization seemed to increase, I still hoped for a society that is healthier, safer, more humane, kinder and cooperative.

7. Much of my work with children and adults gave me hope for the future and contributed to a sense of optimism even in the face of challenging and changing social situations and issues. The future belongs to our children and grandchildren. Those who have a desire to live in a better world will continue to develop the skills, the technologies and the will to solve problems and make positive changes for a better world than the one they found.

  1. Moving from working in a full-time capacity to a part-time venture, I now have the luxury of time, good health and sufficient resources to work part-time and to give back a measure of what has been given to me. In addition to some pro-bono consulting, my life coaching and consulting practice is from my office in southern Arizona where I see people in person or via Zoom.

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